The Weirdest-Looking Time Machines in All Science Fiction

If you're going to travel through time, you've got to do it in style. Here are some of the most eye-poppingly great time machine designs from pop culture history. » 8/21/13 3:06pm 8/21/13 3:06pm

The TARDIS can be yours! Doctor Who-themed infomercial will split your…

Check out this hilarious infomercial, offering you the chance to own your very own TARDIS. It was just released by BBC America to promote their own build-your-own-TARDIS contest, in which you could win DVDs and a private screening. [WheresTheTARDIS] » 12/25/10 10:30am 12/25/10 10:30am

First Images Of Doctor Who's New TARDIS Interior. It's... Glam?

Britain's Radio Times debuted a ton of images of the inside of Doctor Who's newly remodeled time machine, the TARDIS. In some ways, it's surprisingly similar to David Tennant's model. In others? Well... see for yourself. » 3/29/10 3:37pm 3/29/10 3:37pm