10 Weird TV Show Ideas That The Networks Keep Trying Over And Over

Just like with movies, you sometimes see a few television shows about the same idea come down the pike. Recently, we had two "supernatural child" shows (Touch and Believe), and a handful of supernatural medical shows. But here are 10 TV show ideas that keep coming back again and again. »9/12/14 1:06pm9/12/14 1:06pm


10 Silliest Rules of Time Travel from Science Fiction

Time travel stories are some of the coolest tales in the universe. But sometimes, when you're lost in the time-space continuum, things can get pretty crazy. Time-lag, paradox overload, etc. So you gotta have rules to make sense of the vortex. Here are the 10 silliest rules for time travel that people have come up with. »10/02/13 12:00pm10/02/13 12:00pm

Don't Remake These Movies, Film These Books Instead!

Hollywood's addiction to remakes and reboots continues unabated, with dozens of films in development. And meanwhile, bookshelves are straining with hundreds of original, thrilling novels that have never been adapted to the screen. Here's a second dose of our list of books that should be adapted instead of yet another… »9/27/13 6:16pm9/27/13 6:16pm

Super 8 rounds out its cast. Linda Hamilton talks Chuck. Plus news on the Frankenweenie and TimeCop remakes!

J.J. Abrams' Super 8, X-Men: First Class and Tim Burton's full-length remake of Frankenweenie all gain castmembers. Linda Hamilton talks about her crucial role on Chuck. Discover the truth about the TimeCop remake! Plus Supernatural, Smallville and No Ordinary Family. »9/21/10 9:00am9/21/10 9:00am

Science Fiction TV Classics You're Not Allowed To Own On DVD

Click to view »9/23/08 2:53am9/23/08 2:53amSometimes it seems like every little dreg of geek culture from your youth is out on DVD - but it's not true! Weirdly, there are gaps in the archives of science fiction TV shows that Hollywood is willing to sell you. Think about this the next time you invite over that hottie from work and fail to get…