All The Awesomest Moments From Timecop 2

You might think it'd be difficult to sum up all the greatness of Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision in one article. But we're going to try. Prepare to enter a vortex of time paradoxes, kickboxing and shirtless Jason Scott Lee. » 4/29/11 6:06pm 4/29/11 6:06pm

Knight Rider Series To Have More Special Effects, And Maybe A Dog…

Proving that, despite what a lot of you thought, NBC's series pick up of the new Knight Rider series is more than just a cheap April Fool's hoax — Like we would be that cruel, come on — former Las Vegas showrunner Gary Scott Thompson has been named as the new series' executive producer and showrunner. While he may not… » 4/03/08 7:20am 4/03/08 7:20am