Historical Slang Terms For Having Sex, From 1351 Through Today

In earlier times, when English-speaking people wanted to get down and dirty, they might say they were playing at couch quail, engage in pup-noddy, make butter with one's tale, or ride a dragon upon Saint George. Want to brush up on your historical sexy slang? These charts can help. » 7/21/14 2:40pm 7/21/14 2:40pm

Speculative timeline looks quadrillions of years into our future

Tomorrow may be impossible to predict, but the folks at BBC Future try peering 1,000, a million, and even 100 quintillion years into Earth's future to predict the changes to our world and our small corner of the universe. » 1/10/14 10:40am 1/10/14 10:40am

Two Timelines of Slang for Genitalia, from 1250 Through Today

Depending on what era you live in, a penis might be known as a plough, a pillow prick, a jigglestick, or a jasper, while a vagina might be a fly-trap, an oracle, a catch 'em alive-o, or the antipodes. Brush up on your historical slang with a pair of genital charts. » 8/17/13 7:30am 8/17/13 7:30am

Exclusive: The Evolution of the Minifig

We have worked with Lego to painstakingly collect and catalog almost every minifig ever produced into a photographic timeline. You will be able to see the evolution of the iconic figure starting with the iconic 1970s space, city and castle sets that you can see in our exclusive tour of the secret historic Lego vault.… » 6/27/13 12:41pm 6/27/13 12:41pm

Interactive Lord of the Rings timeline shows exactly where in Middle…

If you've spent hours flipping back and forth between the J.R.R. Tolkien's maps of Middle Earth and the prose in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, then take some time with Emil Johansson's interactive chronology of the series, which lets you hover over an event and see just where it took place. » 7/07/12 2:30pm 7/07/12 2:30pm

Reddit's new timeline feature takes us to the heat death of the universe

Wonder what's going to be on the Internet in the years 2015, 2112, 3000, and beyond? Fortunately, the social bookmarking site reddit's new timeline feature predicts the most popular links on the Internet through the heat death of the universe. » 4/01/12 8:30am 4/01/12 8:30am

A Chart That Explains How Long Ago Star Wars Actually Took Place

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…" Each one of Lucas' Star Wars films starts with these lines, distancing the story from our setting. But, what if we could determine roughly how long ago is a long time ago? » 3/06/12 8:00am 3/06/12 8:00am

A Handy Timeline of Every Apollo Mission

Check out this fun timeline documenting all of NASA's Apollo missions, from 1966 to 1972. As part of the viral marketing for the new space-horror movie Apollo 18, they've put together an awesome resource, and here's your first look. » 5/26/11 11:30am 5/26/11 11:30am

Refresh Your Lost History With New Timeline

Trying to remember what happened in Lost (and when) before tomorrow's season premiere? The New York Times is here to help with an amazing interactive timeline for the show, complete with video and commentary. [New York Times] » 2/01/10 11:30am 2/01/10 11:30am

A Twirling Timeline of Fictional Time Travel

If all time travelers existed in the same timeline, it might look something like this infographic, which outlines which time traveler arrived in which year, how they got there, and what time travel paradoxes could arise. » 8/27/09 6:30am 8/27/09 6:30am

The Alternate History of the Discovery of America

We all know that Leif Ericson beat Christopher Columbus to the New World, but Chris gets his own holiday because his voyage marks the beginning of Europe's influence in the New World. But what if someone had beaten the Europeans to the punch? What if no culture ever developed the technology or drive to find the… » 10/12/08 11:30am 10/12/08 11:30am

Timegasms Are Not Pretty

The best part of time travel movies is always when the crazy scientist/inventor/engineer babbles madly about the hoozits that will allow time to be bent. Even better is when the hoozits swing into action and we see the "traveling in time" effects. Except in Richard Donner's Timeline, which is perhaps one of the worst… » 4/29/08 10:21pm 4/29/08 10:21pm