9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Killed Science Fiction Subgenres

Science fiction looks to the future — but sometimes the future catches up to you. Sometimes, an idea generates tons of great science fiction stories — until science reveals the truth, and kills it dead. Or technology surpasses it. Here are nine scientific breakthroughs that destroyed science fiction subgenres. »8/29/13 1:29pm8/29/13 1:29pm

The way we measure box office success is completely broken

A ticket to a 3D movie can cost $15. Tickets to a Friday night showing cost $10.50 at one theater and $12 at the cineplex down the block. A seat for a matinee costs $5. That's quite the variation! But if tickets do not cost the same from time to time and from theater to theater, why measure movie success in terms of… »2/07/12 10:00am2/07/12 10:00am

In The Adventures of Tintin, Spielberg nukes the fridge the right way

Despite boasting internationally lauded source material, the most famous populist auteur in film history, and lavish special effects, The Adventure of Tintin is a tough sell stateside. The film's androgyne hero remains an unknown quantity over here, and the previews' hyper-caricatured CGI may scare away those… »12/21/11 12:25pm12/21/11 12:25pm

What's it like playing Tintin's klutzy buddy? Nick Frost gives us the scoop

io9 recently caught up with actor Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), who plays the pratfall-prone Inspector Thomson in Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin. Frost filled us on the motion-capture process, potential upcoming projects with longtime collaborator Simon Pegg, and what it's like to play a… »12/20/11 10:00am12/20/11 10:00am

Why Tintin won't transform into a giant whiskey bottle in his new Steven Spielberg movie

Hergé's classic Tintin comics have many a zany visual, so how did Steven Spielberg and his team render the hero's 2D adventures in 3D for The Adventures of Tintin? To learn about this process, io9 spoke with the film's animation supervisor — Weta Digital's Jamie Beard — about bringing the boy adventurer to life. »12/14/11 10:25am12/14/11 10:25am

If Tintin starred in Blade Runner, Daryl Hannah would play Captain Haddock

Or at least that's the implication of Dan Hipp's latest fake Tintin graphic novel. Haddock's seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of San Theodoros. He's watched Loch Lomond hallucinations glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like… »12/04/11 11:15am12/04/11 11:15am

Four Images That Prove Tintin Could Be an Unforgettably Beautiful Movie

The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn is one of the most ambitious movie adaptations ever created — director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson have gone to insane lengths to craft a CG, motion-capture recreation of Herge's ambitious art vistas. »10/28/11 2:00pm10/28/11 2:00pm

The Art of the Adventures of…

Eight new Tintin clips take Steven Spielberg's adventure out of the Uncanny Valley

Up until now, it was always a bit difficult to avoid falling into the uncanny valley while watching trailers for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's giant Tintin movie. But we're happy to report that this brand new collection of clips has whisked us all away into a REAL world and not a mo-cap nightmare. It's… »10/12/11 11:10am10/12/11 11:10am