Oh My God, the Fourth Doctor Is Getting His Own Doctor Who Comic

Titan Comics’ Doctor Who range has been on a roll lately. We’ve had the spectacular crossover series The Four Doctors, and Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor just kicked off a promising solo series. But now he’s being joined by another Classic Doctor in the line: none other than Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor himself. »11/10/15 12:30pm11/10/15 12:30pm


The Eighth Doctor Has His Own Doctor Who Comic Now, And It's Suitably Wonderful

We might just be on the cusp of an Eighth Doctor renaissance. Paul McGann’s Doctor is showing up in merchandise and he’s meeting up with River Song in his audio plays. Now he joins Titan’s line of Doctor Who comics—and while his first issue treads familiar ground, it’s still a delight to see more of this incarnation. »11/05/15 2:45pm11/05/15 2:45pm

In This Week's New Comics, Rocket Raccoon Takes Charge Of The New Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s all change in this week’s all new comics—Marvel is continuing its “All-New, All Different” reboot with new comics for the Guardians, Captain America, Spider-Gwen, and more. Chewbacca begins his own series. Plus, The Goon returns for Halloween, and Superman has A BEARD! Let’s dig in, shall we? »10/13/15 6:20pm10/13/15 6:20pm

In This Week's Comics, There's a High-Fantasy Series We've Waited All Year To Read

It’s a quiet week for new comics—as indicated by a bevy of annuals. But in the midst of this quiet, we’ve got From Under Mountains, one of our must-read comics of the season. On top of that? Agents of SHIELD’s Melinda May gets her own one-off comic! Let’s check out all the new series of the week, shall we? »9/29/15 5:40pm9/29/15 5:40pm

Independence Day Is Getting a Comic Series to Tie the Films Together

By the time Independence Day: Resurgence comes out next year, the original film will be 20 years old. That’s a lot of backstory to cover from how we got from aliens blowing up the White House to a “post-war” world and a united Earth Space Defense force—one we now know will be the focus of a new comic series from Titan. »9/24/15 12:20pm9/24/15 12:20pm

Read the Great Cyberpunk Comic Man Plus Months Before It Comes Out

In an age where the line between digital comics and their physical counterparts is becoming blurrier, big publishers are trying new things to get digital readers to buy physical comics. Titan are going a step further: Letting you read weekly pages of comics online, months before they’re due to hit shelves. »8/17/15 11:40am8/17/15 11:40am

This Week's Comics: A Broken Man Is Humanity's Hope For First Contact

It would be a fairly light week if DC hadn’t come to drop another humongous wave of Convergence comics on our collective heads, but that’s not all to the latest comics. Scifi thriller Pisces kicks off the story of a war veteran entrusted with First Contact, and there’s aliens on the run, Spider-Verses and more! »4/28/15 5:20pm4/28/15 5:20pm

Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers of London Series Is Coming To Comics!

Ben Aaronovitch’s “magical detective” series Rivers of London (known as Midnight Riot in the US) was a fresh take on the mashup of Police procedural and the supernatural when it released in 2011 — and io9 can exclusively reveal that the world of Police Officer/Wizard Peter Grant is coming to comics, thanks to Titan! »4/22/15 4:36pm4/22/15 4:36pm

This Week In Comics: The New Space Adventure Comic You MUST Read!

This week, Kaptara, a zany space adventure that we are very excited about, begins! There’s another batch of DC’s Convergence titles, and Marvel hyping up Age of Ultron via comics. But that’s not all for this week — there’s the escapades of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, and a comic about a sentient, foul-mouthed gun »4/21/15 3:42pm4/21/15 3:42pm

The Ninth Doctor Returns For All-New Comic Adventures In Time And Space!

10 years after he made his début, the Ninth Doctor is back in a new comic miniseries. But that's not all for this week's hottest new comics: DC's reality-altering Convergence event begins, the origins of Star Wars: Rebels' Kanan Jarrus are revealed, and an intriguing new series from Boom! Studios begins. Comics! »3/31/15 6:54pm3/31/15 6:54pm