This Gamer Used His Thoughts To Control The Movements Of Another Player

An upgraded brain-to-brain interface has allowed researchers to transmit signals from one person's brain over the internet and use those signals to control the hand motions of another person. Remarkably, the system allowed the participants to collaborate on a computer game. » 11/06/14 9:30am 11/06/14 9:30am

Brain Damage Can Be Grammar-Specific

We know that a specific form of magnetic stimulation to the brain can render people unable to speak. But it can get a lot more specific than that. Brain lesions can get so selective, they can knock out a particular form of grammar. » 10/21/14 6:20am 10/21/14 6:20am

10 Awesome Online Classes You Can Take For Free

Back in August, we told you about a free course on artificial intelligence being offered by Stanford University, and co-taught by two world-renowned AI experts. The class officially started today, so if you managed to register for it on time, then good on you. » 10/10/11 10:25am 10/10/11 10:25am