20 Things You Can Put on Your To-Do List Now to Change the World in 100…

To-do lists are a great way to plan your week, and it turns out they're also not a bad tool for futurists either. We've put together 20 to-do list items that anyone can use to stop environmental disaster, speed the invention of artificial intelligence, jumpstart a moon colony, and help everyone become posthuman.… » 3/21/08 3:22pm 3/21/08 3:22pm

This Time Next Year, You Could Be Posthuman

Pundits from Bill McKibben to Susan Greenfield have written scare manifestos about the horrors of a posthuman future where everybody has souped-up DNA and can change their sexes like changing clothes. But here at io9, we are all about the posthuman future: we want to download data directly into our brains, grow a new… » 3/21/08 1:18pm 3/21/08 1:18pm

How to Jumpstart a Moon Colony From Your Bedroom

The next stage of human expansion will probably be into space, and the best place to start will be with a moon colony. Sure it's not as cool as Mars, but it's close by, which means easy rescue from Earth if things go wrong and a thriving tourism industry to support early colonization efforts. Maybe we can even build… » 3/20/08 11:25am 3/20/08 11:25am

How to Create Artificial Intelligence in Your Spare Time

One of the most popular futurist hobbyhorses is the idea that artificially intelligent machines will soon become ubiquitous and change the world forever. This is an old dream, which may have started with Isaac Asimov's idea that superintelligent computers would take over the geo-political management of Earth (see the… » 3/18/08 12:33pm 3/18/08 12:33pm