Japan Is Going To Start Making Its Own Godzilla Movies Again

Well, this is an interesting development. Toho has announced that they'll be making their own sequel to this year's hit relaunch of the Godzilla franchise, this one due in 2016 — two years before Sony's official U.S. sequel is due. » 12/08/14 6:40am 12/08/14 6:40am

Ruined Cities And Monster Hunts: The Art Of Godzilla

There's more to the new Godzilla reboot than what we've glimpsed in the trailers so far. This movie has a ton of insane visuals, and some insane set pieces. See for yourself — we've got a ton of new Godzilla concept art, from the book Godzilla: The Art of Destruction. Spoilers ahead... » 4/08/14 6:00pm 4/08/14 6:00pm

Kaiju Marathon IV: Mosura (1961)

Before I swerve back to Godzilla in the next phase of my Toho kaiju marathon, I'd like to offer some attention to another tokusatsu film from which the King of the Monsters is absent. While there is probably no question that Godzilla is the most popular kaiju out there, there is one other monster within the Toho… » 11/13/13 2:04pm 11/13/13 2:04pm

Six Strange Cases of Science Fiction Trademarks

Trademarks an important way for businesses to market their goods to consumers, but sometimes it can be difficult to know whose intellectual property toes you're treading on. Here are six terms and concepts that companies claim to own, and some of them might surprise you. » 6/17/12 8:00am 6/17/12 8:00am

Polish Godzilla movie posters turn kaiju into high art

20th century Polish movie posters could be highly surrealist, as the placards for these Godzilla films demonstrate. Check out Japan's most famous monster in a series of quirky paintings. » 1/09/11 7:15am 1/09/11 7:15am

The art that inspired Godzilla and other giant monsters

Toho's monsters don't begin their existences as bodysuits. Illustrators must first sketch out every atomic spike, nuclear fang, and cybernetic proboscis adorning their rubbery hides. Check out Toho's designs for such classic kaiju as Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah. » 5/19/10 11:13am 5/19/10 11:13am

Don't Worry - Mothra Will Save You!

A new box set from Sony called "Icons of Sci-Fi: The ToHo Collection" hits shelves Aug. 18, and it's a pulpy tribute to the movie studio that brought you Godzilla, Mothra, and The H-Man. We've got some great screenshots. » 8/07/09 10:00am 8/07/09 10:00am