Japan's New Godzilla Is Going to Be a Special Effects First

Earlier this year, we learned that Japan’s resurrection of the Godzilla franchise would be in the hands Shinji Higuchi, who will be co-directing with Hideaki Anno. Higuchi’s already promising to use some brand new technology from his upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie for Toho Studio’s Godzilla. » 8/11/15 3:00am 8/11/15 3:00am

Kaiju Marathon IV: Mosura (1961)

Before I swerve back to Godzilla in the next phase of my Toho kaiju marathon, I'd like to offer some attention to another tokusatsu film from which the King of the Monsters is absent. While there is probably no question that Godzilla is the most popular kaiju out there, there is one other monster within the Toho… » 11/13/13 11:47am 11/13/13 11:47am