The 10 Most Absurdly Bloody Fight Scenes In Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction movies aren't all about highfalutin spacefaring and benevolent starmen. No, sometimes they're about putting a mutated martial arts master into a dystopian penitentiary's comically unsafe meat grinder. Just in time for the lunch rush, here are ten of our favorite scenes that balance goofiness and gore. » 8/29/12 10:10am 8/29/12 10:10am

Tokyo Gore Police Wants YOU To Fill Your Mutant Death Quota

Do you have a unabashed hatred of mutant-kind? Are you the kind of person who shoots first and asks questions later? Then the Tokyo Gore Police » 9/08/08 8:20am 9/08/08 8:20am is for you. One of the craziest upcoming mutant/monster movies (remember the lady with the venus flytrap lady parts?) is putting out a call for help with mutant population…

A Mutant Roll Call For Tokyo Gore Police [NSFW]

Tokyo Gore Police » 8/20/08 10:58am 8/20/08 10:58am is at it again, driving over piles of bodies and picking up violent mutants that just don't want to go quietly. In this second trailer, we get to meet a few more creepy characters from the wonderfully deranged mind of Yoshihiro Nishimura. In , you follow a member of the Gore Police through one messed…