These are the oldest musical instruments ever discovered

Some of the world's first musicians may have been flautists. Archaeologists reanalyzing artifacts from a cave in southern Germany have determined that two prehistoric flutes — one fashioned from bird bone, the other mammoth ivory — are somewhere between 42,000 and 43,000 years old. If the researchers are right, these… »5/25/12 3:30pm5/25/12 3:30pm


Jawbone fragment suggests humans settled Europe thousands of years earlier than we once thought

Sometimes it really pays to take a second look at old findings. The fragment of jaw bone pictured above, believed to have belonged to an anatomically modern human, was first discovered over 80 years ago in Kents Cavern, an archaeologically rich cave system located in South England. »11/04/11 4:20pm11/04/11 4:20pm