There Are Too Many Must-Read Science Fiction And Fantasy Books In July!

Seriously, cut it out, publishers. Are you trying to ruin us? There are so many incredible books coming out this month, it’s unreal. China Mieville, Charles Stross, Austin Grossman, Jesse Ball, William T Vollmann... it’s all happening. Here are July’s must-read science fiction and fantasy books. »7/02/15 7:25pm7/02/15 7:25pm


Tom Holt Explains Why Do-Gooder Time Travelers Muck Things Up

Scifi satirist Tom Holt, author of several weird books, has just written up a short article explaining why it would be a bad idea to save the world if you were to travel in time. Specifically, he points out that if you were to try to stop the Black Death from ravaging Europe, you would save Feudalism and screw the… »5/01/08 6:27pm5/01/08 6:27pm