Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren't Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

They're rebooting Spider-Man. They're remaking Total Recall. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of summer movie craziness, it can seem like every movie is based on an already-existing movie. But that's not really true — there are actually tons of genre movies in development that are new concepts, at least as far as… »6/27/12 2:15pm6/27/12 2:15pm


Trapped On An Ice Planet With A Robot That's Freaking Out

Robots in science fiction TV and movies either move super gracefully, or slowly and jerkily, as if their joints need to be oiled. But I've never seen a robot that moves like the helper robot in Tomo, a Sundance-winning short film: angrily and spamodically, like a drunk person throwing a fit. Despite the fact that… »4/10/08 2:20pm4/10/08 2:20pm