Australia's answer to The Hunger Games will leave you hungry

Tomorrow, When The War Began is based on a famous series of Australian books about naughty Asians invading Oz. But the timing of the movie's Stateside release obviously has more to do with Hunger Games fever — here's another film about a group of teenagers dealing with an apocalyptic, dystopian scenario, featuring a… »2/24/12 12:00pm2/24/12 12:00pm


Rumor patrol: Is Eminem really playing Batman 3's Riddler? Plus Ridley Scott talks about the Alien prequel's big questions!

Ridley Scott will be digging deep into the nasty origins of the aliens for his prequel. Duncan Jones talks Source Code, director Mark Romanek explains why Never Let Me Go doesn't feel scifi, and some awesomely convoluted Transformers rumors. Spoilervana! »9/06/10 9:00am9/06/10 9:00am