America's Largest Sci-Fi Publisher Gives in to Reactionary "Sad Puppies"

Earlier this year, two campaigns variously made up of traditionalist sci-fi fans, neoreactionaries, Gamergaters and other flavors of angry white dude hijacked the nominations for one of sci-fi’s most prestigious awards, the Hugo. Now one of the biggest publishers in sci-fi and fantasy seems to have come out in support… »6/09/15 9:25pm6/09/15 9:25pm


An Anarchic Publisher Spawns Books That Fight Authority

Why is Tor Books arguably the most successful science fiction publisher in the world? A new piece in Reason »11/13/08 5:41pm11/13/08 5:41pm magazine offers two competing explanations. It's because Tor publishes a lot of books that argue for individual freedom and against government. Or it's because Tor avoids the editing-by-committee structure of…