Will Victor from Dollhouse be the new flame on Torchwood?

Enver Gjokaj (a.k.a. Victor from Dollhouse) is reportedly in the running to play Rex Matheson, a hard-bitten CIA agent on Torchwood: New World who's oblivious to his coworker's crush. Cue Captain Jack stepping in and breaking some hearts. » 10/23/10 7:30am 10/23/10 7:30am

The new Torchwood reboot gets a title (and a plot synopsis from…

After yesterday's news about Torchwood's new writing team, we've now learned that Starz's ten-episode Torchwood reboot will be titled Torchwood: The New World. Also, Russell T. Davies himself dropped some hints about the series' plot. UPDATE 8/7/10: More details below. » 8/07/10 12:47pm 8/07/10 12:47pm