Googly Eyed Reporter Coming Back To Smallville

Linda Lake, the worlds most annoying reporter who can turn into water, is coming back to Smallville » 11/10/08 1:40pm 11/10/08 1:40pm. Tori Spelling is rumored to be making another cameo as the gossipy crazy-face reporter who knows Clark Kent's big secret. What's really sad/interesting about this is that Spelling is appearing on a CW show that isn't…

90210 Meets Cthulhu

Here's photographic and video evidence of what must surely be one of the signs of the approaching apocalypse: Tori Spelling in a Cthulhu movie. Make sure that sinks into your cranium before proceeding further. Yes, the very same Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 and the Tori & Dean Inn Love reality show strips down… » 1/31/08 1:30pm 1/31/08 1:30pm