The Location Of Every Tornado Touchdown In America, Graphed

America has more tornado touchdowns on average than anywhere else in the world, but those touchdowns are not at all evenly distributed. These maps, which break down the coordinates of each tornado, illustrate exactly where the danger falls the heaviest. [UPDATE] » 6/17/14 10:24am 6/17/14 10:24am

, joined us in comments to explain just what might be…

What it's like to have an EF5 tornado pass almost directly overhead

Two days ago, as the 2013 Moore tornado struck Oklahoma, Charles Gifford sought refuge in a storm shelter. After he was safe inside, and with the door securely shut, Gifford poked his camera through a small hole, allowing him to capture this insanely up-close video of the 1.3 mile wide tornado. » 5/22/13 6:30am 5/22/13 6:30am