Jaw-dropping Photographs Capture the Sublime Power of Superstorms

Photographer Mike Hollingshead makes a living out of chasing and photographing extreme weather systems – and the fruits of his labor are guaranteed to fill you with awe. » 1/22/14 11:31am 1/22/14 11:31am

A humbling map of real-time wind patterns in Tornado Alley

"Wind Map" is a stunning interactive datavisualization that presents wind patterns across the continental U.S. in real time. Picture above is what it looked like last night at 10:59 CDT, in the aftermath of yesterday's devastating Oklahoma tornado. » 5/21/13 7:50am 5/21/13 7:50am

Watch a tornado toss truck trailers 50 feet into the air

Extremely powerful tornados touched down today in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Fortunately, no deaths or injuries have been reported, but the storms were so ferocious some 18-wheeler trailers were tossed fifty or so feet upward as if they were Tonka toys. It gives one pause to realize that's several tons of metal… » 4/03/12 3:10pm 4/03/12 3:10pm