Pretty Much Every U.S. Demographic Group Believes Torture Is Justified

The good news: For those who are worried that the nation is more divided than ever, there's finally one contentious issue that a majority of Americans agree upon. The bad news: Most people are okay with the CIA torturing suspected terrorists. » 12/17/14 12:30pm 12/17/14 12:30pm

The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe

During the Middle Ages, torture was considered a legitimate way to extract confessions, punish offenders, and perform executions. Some methods were considerably crueler than others — these 10 being among the most barbaric and brutal. » 8/26/14 9:45am 8/26/14 9:45am

Why Solitary Confinement Is The Worst Kind Of Psychological Torture

There may be as many as 80,000 American prisoners currently locked-up in a SHU, or segregated housing unit. Solitary confinement in a SHU can cause irreversible psychological effects in as little as 15 days. Here's what social isolation does to your brain, and why it should be considered torture. » 7/01/14 11:13am 7/01/14 11:13am

Should solitary confinement be considered a form of torture?

To virtually no one's surprise, scientists are increasingly finding that solitary confinement induces a host of psychological and physiological problems in prisoners. The time has come, say a growing number of concerned citizens, to call it for what it really is: Torture. » 7/11/13 1:20pm 7/11/13 1:20pm

Welcome to the macabre world of ‘execution site archaeology'

The burial grounds beneath old gallows and scaffolds tend to be ignored by scientists. But owing to the work of a new breed of archaeologist, we're learning more about the horrific ways medieval prisoners were tortured and killed — and how the executioners lived. » 4/17/13 10:44am 4/17/13 10:44am

Sleep deprivation could be ruining your love life

Add this to the ever-growing list of reasons to go back to sleep: a new study led by UC Berkley psychologist Amie Gordon reveals that lack of sleep tends to make people less appreciative towards their significant others. » 1/21/13 4:30pm 1/21/13 4:30pm

How the Soviets used their own twisted version of psychiatry to…

Over the course of its 69-year history, the Soviet Union was notorious for its heavy-handed suppression of political dissent — most infamously through its use of the Siberian GULAGs. But it was during the 1960s and 1970s that the Communist Party took their intolerance for ideological deviance to extremes by… » 9/04/12 7:00am 9/04/12 7:00am

During World War II, Japan plotted to unleash a plague on the United…

Japan's Unit 731 is one of the best kept and most horrifying secrets of World War II. Unit 731 experimented on Japanese and Chinese civilians as well as Russian and American POWs during the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s and throughout World War II. » 5/10/12 7:00am 5/10/12 7:00am

10 Reasons to go Back to Bed

It's Monday. For most of us, that means it's back to the grind — whether that grind be work, school, or some other scheduled obligation. Unfortunately for weekend warriors everywhere, these obligations typically require us to get up earlier than we'd choose if it were up to us. » 2/06/12 10:16am 2/06/12 10:16am

For 25 Euros, you can be a (mildly) tortured Soviet political prisoner…

Should you ever find yourself in the environs of Vilnius, Lithuania, you can sign up for 1984: The Survival Drama, a three-hour faux Soviet military interrogation, complete with former KGB guards looking to recapture the magic of the old days. 25€ will get you a three-hour regimen of belt-whippings, verbal abuse, and… » 1/10/12 8:30am 1/10/12 8:30am

Does fake torture save real souls?

The Milgram Experiments showed that sixty percent of volunteers would help 'torture' someone if ordered to. What happened to the people who volunteered to be the torturers afterward? Not what you'd expect. » 2/03/11 6:30am 2/03/11 6:30am

America used bad science to justify torture

A group of physicians and human rights activist claim that the United States government used shoddy and intentionally biased science in order to downgrade what was considered torture to "enhanced interrogation techniques." » 1/07/11 10:22am 1/07/11 10:22am

If someone chains you up and asks you whether you believe in God — say…

Cube Zero, the prequel to Vincenzo Natali's Cube, is surprisingly great. And the best bit is this scene where one of the inmates reaches the "Exit." And faces the ultimate question: Do you believe in God? » 6/10/10 6:00pm 6/10/10 6:00pm

Most Science Fiction Books Are Torture, Author Warns

Sturgeon's Law was too generous, argues science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer. Writer Theodore Sturgeon said that 90 percent of science fiction was "crud" (or "crap," depending on where he's quoted.) But actually, the chances of choosing a good SF novel at random are way lower than that, Sawyer tells Bookmarks:… » 6/17/08 11:56am 6/17/08 11:56am

Do We Need Graphic Torture in Our Dystopias?

Welcome back to Horrorhead, a column all about the connections between horror and scifi. On Battlestar Galactica, there's an ongoing theme of torture: humans gang-rape an imprisoned Cylon; the Cylons beat a man so badly he loses his eye (not to mention all the humans they kill outright); and there's even a little… » 4/30/08 10:43am 4/30/08 10:43am

Law And Torture In Battlestar Galactica

Ronald D. Moore and David Eick sat down and went over the different types and social systems and moralities they've created for the new Battlestar Galactica, including the need to the government (and not just the military) to bring down the heavy hand of torture from time to time, and how the legal system works in the » 2/22/08 3:00pm 2/22/08 3:00pm

The Seven Best Torture Porn Scenes in SciFi

Nothing warms the hearts and soothes the soul at holiday time like a hot laser slicing through your pain receptors. That's why we put together this list of the top seven torture scenes from science fiction, including one that spawned one of the lamest action figures in the world. (We didn't include the Star Wars… » 12/12/07 12:00pm 12/12/07 12:00pm