The Weirdest Stories Where God Is An Actual Character

Plenty of science fiction and fantasy stories have angels and demons wandering around. Or minor deities, like Glory in Buffy. But a few stories dare to introduce THE God. The Judeo-Christian Supreme Being. Here are the absolute wildest stories where God makes an appearance. » 8/08/14 12:00pm 8/08/14 12:00pm

The 10 Most Absurdly Bloody Fight Scenes In Science Fiction Movies

Science fiction movies aren't all about highfalutin spacefaring and benevolent starmen. No, sometimes they're about putting a mutated martial arts master into a dystopian penitentiary's comically unsafe meat grinder. Just in time for the lunch rush, here are ten of our favorite scenes that balance goofiness and gore. » 8/29/12 10:10am 8/29/12 10:10am

John Travolta to star in the new Toxic Avenger movie?

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Steve Pink's remake of the Troma classic The Toxic Avenger, but the latest batch of news is a total shocker. Rumor has it John Travolta is attached to the movie, and folks are speculating that Travolta is lined up to play Toxie himself. Whoa. » 8/22/12 6:40am 8/22/12 6:40am

Hot Tub Time Machine's director to take on the Toxic Avenger

This looks like a perfect mash-up of minds, gore and sex jokes. Steve Pink, director of the smutty Hot Tub Time Machine is going to direct a Toxic Avenger movie. Let the New Jersey jokes fly. [Deadline] » 11/05/10 4:30pm 11/05/10 4:30pm

What science fiction and horror flicks are on Hulu these days?

Hulu's scifi and horror pages are chock full of worthwhile movies, even if the selection skews towards the ridiculous and low-budget. Here's the cream of the crop. Apologies to our international readers! » 9/04/10 10:00am 9/04/10 10:00am

What Will The Citizens Of New Jersey Mutate Into?

So apparently there's tritium leaking into one of New Jersey's main aquifers. As a proud Garden Stater, I have no choice but to hope that this environmental clusterfuck will give us fancy new phenotypes and not horrible, horrible cancer. » 5/08/10 9:17pm 5/08/10 9:17pm

Watch the Toxic Avenger Sing His Way to Vengeance and a Greener Earth

Back in April, we told you that Troma Productions was planning a new musical adaptation » 10/14/08 2:00pm 10/14/08 2:00pm of its campy cult classic . This month, audiences in New Jersey can watch Melvin Ferd the Third fight the forces of evil with the help of his superstrength and a four-piece rock band. Not sure if it’s worth schlepping to New Jersey…

Toxie Is Back And Dealing With His Midlife Crisis

Lloyd Kaufman, the creator of the Toxic Avenger, is gearing up for a 5th installment of this toxic-waste-mutant cult classic. But in this one, Toxie has to deal with real life issues. "In The Toxic Avenger » 8/05/08 11:00am 8/05/08 11:00am Parts II-IV, he [Toxie] has gotten married and had children," explains Kaufman. "Now he'll have to deal with his…

Toxic Avenger Goes On All Singing, All Dancing Rampage

One of the weirdest mutant exploitation movies of all time has been turned into a musical, being staged in New Jersey. The Toxic Avenger, formerly a bizarre B-movie about a skinny nerd who becomes a deformed super-hero after falling into a barrel of toxic waste, has been adapted into a stage musical twice before — but… » 4/24/08 2:00am 4/24/08 2:00am