Toxic Avenger: The Musical Is A Spine-Ripping Good Time

Click to view »10/22/08 7:47pm10/22/08 7:47pm is all sorts of spinal cord ripping, potty-mouthed, toe tapping fun. Based loosely on the classic Troma gross-out film , the musical still has Melvin Ferd and his gooey toxic waste transformation into New Jersey's own superhero, who saves the land from pollution so we all "won't get cancer and die." It's…


Toxic Avenger Goes On All Singing, All Dancing Rampage

One of the weirdest mutant exploitation movies of all time has been turned into a musical, being staged in New Jersey. The Toxic Avenger, formerly a bizarre B-movie about a skinny nerd who becomes a deformed super-hero after falling into a barrel of toxic waste, has been adapted into a stage musical twice before — but… »4/24/08 5:00am4/24/08 5:00am