The Very Best Toys from New York Toy Fair 2014

LEGO, Forensic Science Kits and robots dominated this years annual Toy Fair. The toys of tomorrow are slowly starting to get more and more "DIY," and that's great — especially when that means making a piano out of a bunch of a bananas. Creativity and ingenuity took a front seat at this years Toy Fair, and here the… » 2/17/14 4:08pm 2/17/14 4:08pm

The 40 Most Amazing Toys From Toy Fair 2013

Every year, New York's Toy Fair offers the biggest, most astounding display of upcoming collectibles and toys you will soon be lusting after. Today, we hit the floors of Javits Center in New York City and perused the panoply of playthings on display. Here's the very best of what we saw. These are the 40 toys that… » 2/12/13 11:55am 2/12/13 11:55am

The biggest movie spoilers from Toy Fair!

Spoiled by a toy! Toy Fair 2013 is a great way for studios reveal coveted movie tie-ins or limited edition action figures. It's also a great place to blow up plot reveals and characters from the next Hollywood blockbusters. This year we saw plot spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness, character close-ups for Kick-Ass 2 » 2/11/13 8:40am 2/11/13 8:40am

The Best (And Weirdest) Science Fiction Toys from Toy Fair 2012

Over the last few days, we've taken a look at the latest Toy Fair offerings from Hasbro and LEGO. Today, we hit the floors around New York's Javits Center and perused the panoply of playthings on display. Here's an overview of the upcoming collectibles you may covet out of niftiness and/or sheer weirdness. » 2/13/12 3:25pm 2/13/12 3:25pm

The New…

LEGO Lord of The Rings, Avengers, and Deadpool debut at Toy Fair!

Yesterday, we saw the first salvo of plastic homunculi to come out of Toy Fair. Today, glimpses of upcoming LEGO Lord of The Rings, Avengers, and Marvel and DC Comics play sets have begun circulating around the internet. Check out such characters as Lex Luthor, Loki, Magneto, Deadpool, and that freewheeling cave troll… » 2/12/12 11:45am 2/12/12 11:45am