Only In Japan Will A Wild Gundam Toyota Auris Appear

Commuting to and from my other job as a junior high school English teacher on the Saitama/Gunma border, I see a lot of really cool cars on the road. Vehicles you can only really find in Japan, especially if they are special editions. Product tie-ins are huge in Japan, and cars are no exception. »9/13/14 3:18pm9/13/14 3:18pm


Boldly Going Where Only A Fuel Economy Car Can Take You, Apparently

What happens when above-average nerditry meets traditional PR-speak? Possibly something like Toyota's promotional Open Road Blog's report on psychiatrist and Star Trek fan Willie Yee's decorating his Prius as if it was a shuttle straight off the starship Enterprise. The result is an unholy mixture of geeking out and… »4/11/08 10:30am4/11/08 10:30am