This Transforming Lego Optimus Prime Must Be Bending the Laws of Physics

Half of me wants to believe that this amazing Lego version of Optimus Prime (the Michael Bay movie version) that can actually transform into a robot is legit. But the other half of me is having a hard time believing that Ralph Savelsberg didn’t just hire Industrial Light & Magic to help fake these photos with CG. » 7/19/15 5:00pm 7/19/15 5:00pm

The iZombie Action Figure Comes With All The Brain-Eating Tools You Need

iZombie was a pleasant surprise when it debuted on the CW earlier this year, but the most pleasant surprise of all? That we’re getting merchandise for it—Diamond Select have announced they’re bringing Liv and friends to the world of action figures, and Liv herself is coming with some pretty fabulous accessories. » 7/06/15 11:40am 7/06/15 11:40am

Game of Thrones is Getting its Own "Lego For Grown-Ups"

Winter is, err, under construction? McFarlane Toys have announced that they are branching out their line of bizarre, yet totally awesome construction toys based on The Walking Dead to another humongous TV franchise: Game of Thrones. Once again, the idea is baffling, and yet also absolutely fantastic.… » 7/01/15 6:30pm 7/01/15 6:30pm

Finally, Batman '66 Batgirl Has a Gloriously Glittery Action Figure

When Yvonne Craig made her debut as Batgirl for the third season of Batman, she dazzled the streets of Gotham in a ridiculously glitzy Batsuit. Now that we’re finally getting merchandise based on the classic show, Batgirl is heading to the toyshelf at last—and she’s as wonderfully glitter-laden as ever. » 6/26/15 12:00am 6/26/15 12:00am

Christ, Not Even Jurassic World's Dinosaur Toys Are Allowed to Be Female

The omnipresent practice of denying girls action figures has somehow hit a new low. Remember how in the Jurassic World movie, most of the dinosaurs—especially Chris Pratt’s Raptor squad—were constantly referred to as girls? Well, as Jurassic World action figures, they’ve all been genderswapped into boys. » 6/25/15 7:30am 6/25/15 7:30am

Final Fantasy Designer's Alternative Catwoman Continues To Look Insane

When he wasn’t busy adding a hojillion extra arms to Batman, esteemed Final Fantasy director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura lent his own particular brand of insanity to Play Arts Kai’s variant Catwoman. Now we’ve got an even better look at the figure, and it’s still ridiculous in all the right ways. WHIP TAIL! » 6/24/15 11:11am 6/24/15 11:11am

The Secret Weapon In This RoboCop Figure's Arsenal Is His Cuteness

RoboCop’s primary responsibility is to protect and serve—and do a lot of killing bad guys during the aforementioned protecting/serving. This little RoboCop toy? His primary responsibility is looking like the most adorable little cyborg law enforcement officer he could possibly be. » 6/24/15 2:00am 6/24/15 2:00am

All Ant-Man Figures Look Great In Real-Life Environments

A while ago we got a first look at Diamond Select’s Ant-Man figure, complete with an even teenier Ant-Man. But now that the figure is nearly here, the company have given us a closer look at the figure — and it turns out, shooting an Ant-Man figure in a real world environment just makes it actually look like Ant-Man. » 6/23/15 12:06am 6/23/15 12:06am