Why the humble tippe top baffled physicists and statesmen

Tippe tops flip themselves over when spun. The toy was a physics puzzle that fascinated at least two Nobel Prize Winners and one of the Allies' greatest strategists in World War II. » 11/15/10 6:20am 11/15/10 6:20am

World's Crummiest Cyborg Action Figure

There's nothing like the delight on a child's face when they unwrap a present and behold the wonder of an extremely cool toy. Unfortunately, Rom the Spaceknight wasn't one of them. He looked like a bulimic Cylon who couldn't bend his arms or legs, and came with three clunky accessories to help him in his quest for… » 12/21/07 1:30pm 12/21/07 1:30pm

Alphie The "Educational" Robot

On Christmas Day in 1978, kids across the U.S. unwrapped Alphie and gloated, "Wow! Cool! A robot of my very own!" Unfortunately, however, Alphie wasn't equipped with lasers, missiles, or nuclear death rays. In fact, he couldn't even move. He only had a few blinking red lights and a blatty musical tone that farted… » 12/07/07 8:30am 12/07/07 8:30am

Vac-Man Was One Space Monster Who Sucked, Literally

Stretch Armstrong was one of the coolest toys back in 1976. This grinning little circus strongman could be stretched and pulled into a thousand different positions thanks to the gooey syrup he was filled with. Stretch proved so popular that toymaker Kenner decided to create a nemesis for him, and the red-skinned… » 12/03/07 12:30pm 12/03/07 12:30pm