Creepy Trailer Alert: "The Scariest Norwegian Film Ever" Has A Sequel

Director Pål Øie's 2003 Dark Woods was voted "the scariest Norwegian film ever" by one of the country's biggest tabloids. So it's with no small fanfare that Dark Woods 2 is here, and thankfully has abandoned its predecessor's reality TV framework for a much spookier setting: an abandoned hospital. » 3/27/15 6:00pm Friday 6:00pm

Here's The First Crazy Trailer For Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Callin' it: the official trendy word to include in your franchise entry is ROGUE. Because hot on the heels of the Rogue One announcement, we have news that the next Mission: Impossible flick is titled Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Lots of fists/motorcycles/Pegg in the teaser trailer below. » 3/22/15 10:15am 3/22/15 10:15am

Much Like Evil, The Spooky-Kid Horror Movie Will Never Die

In Before I Wake, parents (Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane) still grieving the loss of their young son decide to foster an adorable boy who'd be a perfect li'l angel ("He likes butterflies!") if only he didn't have such horrifying nightmares that come true. Yo kid, don't peek under the bed! » 3/16/15 2:40pm 3/16/15 2:40pm

Dolph Lundgren + Tony Jaa = Buddy-Cop Insanity We Can't Wait To Witness

Brute Nordic strength meets Thai fists, feet, and "how did he do that?" fury in this trailer for buddy-cop action thriller/B-movie schlockfest/1980s throwback Skin Trade. Need more? Ok: the villain is a gangster named "Dragovic" played by Ron Perlman. New trailer below ... pass the popcorn! » 3/14/15 1:11pm 3/14/15 1:11pm

A Space Program Is Like Interstellar, But Made Of Cardboard And Fun

A Space Program feels like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, if Interstellar was made entirely out of junkyard TVs, whiskey, cardboard and fun. This movie feels like a "sweded" space epic, but it's wonderfully intricate. Watch! » 3/11/15 9:20am 3/11/15 9:20am

Watch The Gorgeously Insane Trailer For Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal

"Demons suffer in hell ... gods rule in heaven ... and men stride the earth" in Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal, a new fantasy film from China. We have no idea what's going on here, story-wise, but there is so much eye candy in this trailer: Epic wire stunts! Fiery arrows! Shape shifting! CG beasts! Costumes to die for! » 2/20/15 4:00pm 2/20/15 4:00pm

A Monstrous Problem Complicates A Sweet Italian Romance In Spring

Indie horror filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead had the buzziest segment in last year's V/H/S: Viral (skaters vs. skeletons brawl "Bonestorm"). Next up: monster romance Spring, about an American drifter who meets the woman of his dreams ... or nightmares? ... while backpacking through Italy. » 2/15/15 3:30pm 2/15/15 3:30pm

Watch The Wonderfully Odd Trailer For Post-Apocalyptic Romance Crumbs

Here's hoping Crumbs, a scifi romance shot in an Ethiopian ghost town by Spanish writer-director Miguel Llanso, gets wider exposure after its Rotterdam Film Festival debut last week. Check out the trailer; there's a UFO, a haunted bowling alley, a crazy Santa Claus, and space junk. For starters. » 2/11/15 6:00pm 2/11/15 6:00pm

Watch This Hilarious Lego Homage To The 50 Shades Of Grey Trailer

The helicopter, the elevator scene, the hyper-articulated six-pack abs, the breathy dialogue ... they're all here in this meticulously detailed trailer for Fifty Shades of Bricks. For the full effect, check out the side-by-side comparison between live-action and Lego parody trailers here, and ask yourself: which… » 2/09/15 10:20am 2/09/15 10:20am

These Fan-Made Suicide Squad Trailers Are So, So Good

Last year, YouTuber solyentbrak1 gave us a fake Batman/Superman trailer so outstanding, it actually convinced us Ben Affleck could pull off playing Batman. Now, solyentbrak1 is back with a fan-made trailer for Suicide Squad, and dammit if it's not giving us chills again. » 12/21/14 1:22pm 12/21/14 1:22pm

Mad Max Fury Road/Road Warrior Trailer Mash-up

This is a nice exercise in film editing, and in comparing the new Mad Max movie to its predecessors. Youtube user Mad Max Dedication uses footage from Mad Max II that matches footage in the Fury Road teaser from ComicCon to make a trailer for The Road Warrior that looks really great. » 12/19/14 3:03pm 12/19/14 3:03pm

An STD Is A Supernatural Horror In Creepy New Trailer For It Follows

Maika Monroe — so great as the goth waitress in The Guest returns to genre turf in writer-director David Robert Mitchell's It Follows. Behold the new, synth-tastically scored trailer, and see why the label "STD horror" so eerily applies. » 12/18/14 6:00pm 12/18/14 6:00pm

The New Out of the Dark Trailer Is Bursting With Tropical Terror

"Move to Colombia," they said. "Start a whole new life with your curious young daughter in this probably-haunted mansion," they said. "Don't worry toooo much when Stephen Rea starts spouting off about ancient legends and burning children alive," they said. » 12/12/14 11:40am 12/12/14 11:40am

Watch The Magical Trailer for Irish Animation Song of the Sea

Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon — creators of wonderful, Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells — return with Song of the Sea, another Tomm Moore-directed blend of fantasy and folklore. » 12/11/14 6:00pm 12/11/14 6:00pm

Fan-Made Suicide Squad Trailer Has Us Even More Pumped For The Movie

We're excited about the line-up for the upcoming supervillain team-up movie Suicide Squad, and this fan-made trailer shows how the actors have already shown off shades of their characters in earlier performances. It mashes up movies, TV shows, and video games into a bit of Suicide Squad magic. » 12/10/14 1:20pm 12/10/14 1:20pm

Dear California: You Can't Get The Largest Earthquakes In The World

This Is Why Players Love EVE Online

One of my biggest gaming regrets is that I've never taken the time to really dig deep into EVE Online. This latest trailer, featuring the voices of actual players, is a monument to what everyone else is missing. » 11/22/14 5:04pm 11/22/14 5:04pm

Finally, We're Getting a Fluffy, Feathered T-Rex!

Welcome 2014 with this awesome movie trailer mashup

With cunning use of cuts and music, Mark Brandon's got us all excited for this year's movies. Everything's going to be epic. Even the Muppets. Actually, especially the Muppets. » 1/01/14 3:30am 1/01/14 3:30am

Our destiny is in space in teaser for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

The teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar doesn't reveal any new details of the plot, but it is a celebration of aviation and spaceflight while insisting human destiny lies above. » 12/14/13 9:00am 12/14/13 9:00am