This trampoline routine will have you doubting the laws of physics

The acrobatics in this video are just insane. Insane enough to make you question the laws of physics, really. I mean, could these trampolines really be conserving so much energy as to allow Christophe Hamel (he's the one soaring all over the place) to return to what appears to be the same altitude after basically… »12/17/12 6:40pm12/17/12 6:40pm

In the future, everything will be made from trampolines

Trampolines used to be the kind of thing you assembled in your backyard, its only purpose being something that could propel your body through the air in a monotonously repetitive vertical manner. And indeed, the whole point of trampolines was that there was no point. But trampolines, it would now appear, can also be… »11/27/12 12:40pm11/27/12 12:40pm