First Look at Danny Boyle's Hypnotist Heist Movie, Trance

Danny Boyle's ready to flip the traditional noir movie on its head with his next picture, Trance. Rosario Dawson stars as a hypnotherapist, who has to coax the location of a missing painting out of the mind of James McAvoy. The first ever images from the picture arrived online today thanks to USA Today. Here's your… »12/27/12 2:41pm12/27/12 2:41pm


Have you been hypnotized? Find out, using a simple scientific test.

Hypnosis, and the many things it can do, has been studied for a long time. Many scientists have assumed that people can be hypnotized, but have struggled to figure out who is hypnotized, who is pretending, and who just wants to believe. It looks like now they've managed to distinguish between the three. »10/28/11 2:20pm10/28/11 2:20pm