Trash Fights Back: The scariest monsters made of garbage!

Is there anything scarier than a garbage monster? If you even survived a trash-monster attack, you'd have to take one continuous shower for a week to feel clean afterwards. Plus some garbage monsters contain a lot of rusty metal. » 2/24/11 9:00am 2/24/11 9:00am

Great Unsung Slash Fiction Heroes

When it comes to slash fiction - fans' illicit writings about same-sex hook-ups - people always talk Kirk/Spock. Or Snape/Everyone. But here are some valiant science-fiction heroes who secretly rule the world of slash fiction. » 4/14/09 1:52pm 4/14/09 1:52pm

All Right, You Autobot Maggots! Drop And Give Me Twenty Transformations!

What would Autobot boot camp be like? Would there be hazing and weird chanting? What's the Transformer equivalent of latrine duty? This scene from Transformers Animated season one (now on DVD) explains everything. » 4/10/09 6:45pm 4/10/09 6:45pm

Dragonball's Ending, Lost Secrets, Battlestar Clues And Torchwood…

Too many spoilers today! Revealing pics from Transformers, Dragonball and Lost. Plus spoilery clips from BSG, Dollhouse and Life On Mars. Discover Stargate Universe characters, Land Of The Lost dinosaurs, and Torchwood villains. Spoiler overload! » 1/12/09 6:00am 1/12/09 6:00am

What To Expect From Highlander, Dragonball And Star Trek

To create our most concentrated dose of spoilers yet, we've culled through news stories and interviews about Star Trek, Highlander, Descent 2 » 9/03/08 6:00am 9/03/08 6:00am and . We've dug up revealing new images about and . We've pored over set reports from Hawaii. We watched teasers. We read up on and . We even read a spoilery poem about . We…

Battlestar Galactica And Doctor Who's Best Friend Rediscover Their Pasts

Today's spoiler roundup includes the first plot details about the new Battlestar Galactica » 8/07/08 6:00am 8/07/08 6:00am TV movie, and some set pics that reveal an important journey for 's Sarah Jane. Also, Alex Proyas explains a bit about , the Nicholas Cage apocalyptic time-capsule movie. We've seen some casting script pages for the , including…

Giant Robots Go To Robo-Boot Camp... And You Are There!

The two biggest events on TV this week are the build-up to the release of The Incredible Hulk — like two giant green fists, pounding out their primal tattoo of movie hype — and the last Battlestar Galactica episode until 2009. But there are other highlights, including some surprisingly great cartoons, a documentary… » 6/09/08 9:00am 6/09/08 9:00am

Neo-Noir Alternate-Reality Detective Show Charlie Jade Comes To The U.S.

Even in the midst of the summer lull, there are a few TV programs that are well worth checking out — and which could actually change your life. The Sci Fi Channel is finally showing Charlie Jade, the Blade Runner-esque show about evil corporations and alternate universes. There's a new documentary series about how… » 6/02/08 9:00am 6/02/08 9:00am

The One Battlestar Plot Twist You Never Expected

Today's batch of spoilers include a shocking plot twist from the new Batman movie The Dark Knight, and a ton of details about a June Battlestar Galactica episode. We also have new plot details about Sam Rockwell's new movie Moon, and a new synopsis for Star Wars: Clone Wars. We dug up a dodgy description of how the… » 5/07/08 6:00am 5/07/08 6:00am

Speed Racer's Son Meets A Robot Chimp

If you had a robot butler scheduling your TV viewing (and maybe showing programs on a Teletubbies-style belly screen) he would have an upbeat lilt in his synth-voice when describing this week's TV options. There are actually some worthwhile items, on days other than Thursday and Friday. For instance, might we suggest… » 4/28/08 9:00am 4/28/08 9:00am