What To Expect From Highlander, Dragonball And Star Trek

To create our most concentrated dose of spoilers yet, we've culled through news stories and interviews about Star Trek, Highlander, Descent 2 »9/03/08 9:00am9/03/08 9:00am and . We've dug up revealing new images about and . We've pored over set reports from Hawaii. We watched teasers. We read up on and . We even read a spoilery poem about . We…

Battlestar Galactica And Doctor Who's Best Friend Rediscover Their Pasts

Today's spoiler roundup includes the first plot details about the new Battlestar Galactica »8/07/08 9:00am8/07/08 9:00am TV movie, and some set pics that reveal an important journey for 's Sarah Jane. Also, Alex Proyas explains a bit about , the Nicholas Cage apocalyptic time-capsule movie. We've seen some casting script pages for the , including…

Giant Robots Go To Robo-Boot Camp... And You Are There!

The two biggest events on TV this week are the build-up to the release of The Incredible Hulk — like two giant green fists, pounding out their primal tattoo of movie hype — and the last Battlestar Galactica episode until 2009. But there are other highlights, including some surprisingly great cartoons, a documentary… »6/09/08 12:00pm6/09/08 12:00pm

Neo-Noir Alternate-Reality Detective Show Charlie Jade Comes To The U.S.

Even in the midst of the summer lull, there are a few TV programs that are well worth checking out — and which could actually change your life. The Sci Fi Channel is finally showing Charlie Jade, the Blade Runner-esque show about evil corporations and alternate universes. There's a new documentary series about how… »6/02/08 12:00pm6/02/08 12:00pm