Is There An Autobot Traitor In The New Transformers Clip?

A new clip from Michael Bay's Transformers sequel is making us worried for traitors in our robot midst. Check out a new scene packed with robot crushing, smashing and of course a little Bay-style detonation. » 5/31/09 8:47pm 5/31/09 8:47pm

The Audition That Gave Us Megan Fox's Under-The-Hood Shot

Click to view » 9/17/08 4:00pm 9/17/08 4:00pmBelieve it or not, Megan Fox didn't just show up in a ripped up tank top to the set of Michael Bay's , she actually had to audition. Wal-Mart released Fox's original audition tapes to the public as part of a big promotion. We took a peek and were blown away at how adorable she was. It's pretty hilarious…

Some Notable Absences at Comic-Con

With this year's San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, now is normally the time that publishers, movie studios, comic creators and various other celebrities start making the kind of noises that get fans excited about what's to come. This year, however, things are starting out slightly differently with the news… » 6/27/08 10:23am 6/27/08 10:23am