Stem Cell Tissue Transplant Means Lab-Grown Faces Could Be Next

The surgical world is abuzz today with news that a team has successfully given a woman a new trachea grown from her own stem cells. For others with damaged windpipes, it promises a future of transplants free from immune-suppressing drugs. Meanwhile, researchers are working on growing other tailor-made body parts from… »11/19/08 11:40am11/19/08 11:40am

Test Drive a New Body with Scifi’s Most Daring Head Transplants

This woman has lost her head. Well, to be accurate, her head has lost her body and she is in desperate need of a new one. Real scientists have enjoyed only limited success in performing head transplants on dogs and monkeys »10/16/08 11:40am10/16/08 11:40am, but fortunately she doesn’t live in the real world. She's in the scifi universe, where she can…

"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is an Epic of After-Market Body Parts

Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of the two organ repossession movies coming out this year, and now it's gone viral with a creepy-looking donation poster (jump below see it) urging you to give until it hurts. This "Warnerian-Rocky Horror-meets-Bladerunner musical" takes place in a future where… »1/21/08 11:30am1/21/08 11:30am