We've got hand transplants and face transplants... could brain transplants be next?

Science fiction is becoming reality faster than anybody realized — we not only can transplant an entire arm now, but we've succeeded in creating face transplants that restore mouth and tongue function to patients. How long will it be before we can transplant an entire brain? Peggy Kolm from Biology in Science Fiction… »4/12/12 3:20pm4/12/12 3:20pm

Eight Real-Life Doctor Frankensteins Who Pushed the Boundaries of Life and Death

Click to view »10/05/08 5:00pm10/05/08 5:00pmMary Shelley helped advance the science fiction genre with her tale of a scientist who brings a man built of corpses to life. But in real life, plenty of mad and not-so-mad scientists have played with human and animal bodies (and body parts) to gain a greater understanding of the limits on life. After the…