The Pacific Rim Comic Has Just the Right Mix of Tragedy and Giant Robots

Pacific Rim fans will know that setting any piece of tie-in material before the events of the movie usually can only end up one way: with most of its protagonists and their lovely giant robots dead, leaving Humanity’s defenders on the brink in time for the movie. The new Pacific Rim comic knows that too, and uses it… »11/05/15 5:45pm11/05/15 5:45pm


An exclusive look inside the 12-year war that leads to Pacific Rim

Before Pacific Rim was shot, screenwriter Travis Beacham created an entire history of his Kaiju-filled Earth. The 12 years leading up to the movie have been illustrated and mapped out in the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero. We got a few exclusive pages that reveal the history behind this monster war —… »6/05/13 12:20pm6/05/13 12:20pm

Guillermo del Toro tells us why Baby Godzilla will not appear in Pacific Rim

In the upcoming giant-monsters-versus-giant-robots film Pacific Rim, the audience is tossed into the slugfest years after it's been raging. But to flesh out this grimy world where the human race fights for its own survival on the daily, the minds behind Pacific Rim are collaborating on a graphic novel prequel. »10/12/12 11:00am10/12/12 11:00am