Our New Favorite Twitter Account: One Perfect Shot

Historical Twitter accounts are fun, but they're also lousy with fakes. That's not a problem with @OnePerfectShot, an account that tweets beautifully framed stills from classic movies. According to creator Geoff Todd, the account's mission is to "honor the past and... inspire a new generation of perfect shots." That's… » 5/03/14 9:49am 5/03/14 9:49am

There are 8.7 million species on Earth. Guess how many we have actually…

Attempting to pick apart the total number of species across the entire planet is a tricky exercise, and new research pegs the number at a whopping 8.7 million, plus or minus a million, of which around 25% are ocean dwellers. » 8/25/11 12:31pm 8/25/11 12:31pm

Optical illusion poster is a tree . . . until you examine it more…

Who doesn't love tree rings? Nobody, that's who. That fact alone should be reason enough to appreciate this beautiful poster by Gary, Aaron & Khairul. But look a little closer and you'll find an entirely new reason to love this lithograph print, which is aptly titled Tree of Life. » 8/02/11 12:47pm 8/02/11 12:47pm

Gorgeous Tree of Life stills look like the greatest science epic of all…

Chances are, you've heard about the gorgeous cinematography and visual effects in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life. But now you can see for yourself — the studio sent us a ton of high-res stills. Including the notorious dinosaurs. » 6/24/11 2:45pm 6/24/11 2:45pm

Suspended Between Science and God: Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life

The one thing you can't call director Terrence Malick is unambitious. In The Tree of Life, out now in select theaters, he tries to do for 1950s Texas what Stanley Kubrick did for prehistoric man; that is, tie a few ordinary lives to the immensity and wonder of universe and, ultimately, to us. » 6/10/11 9:00am 6/10/11 9:00am

Which summer movie will be this year's surprise hit?

Every summer, there's at least one movie underdog that takes audiences by storm. A movie that doesn't belong to an established series or feature a fan-favorite character, but still wins us over. A hit original amongst sequels and reboots. » 5/03/11 2:02pm 5/03/11 2:02pm

28 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer

Could this be the biggest movie summer of all time? It's sure looking like it. Almost every weekend features at least one, and maybe two or three, movies with a science fiction, fantasy or comics pedigree. » 4/18/11 2:14pm 4/18/11 2:14pm

James Cameron explains how his cast will prepare for Avatar 2. Plus…

Gary Oldman reveals which villain he'll be sharing scenes with in The Dark Knight Rises. Captain America's Joe Johnston discusses the movie's debt to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Could a Justice League movie happen after all? » 3/29/11 6:00am 3/29/11 6:00am

How does The Amazing Spider-Man tie into the Sam Raimi movies? Plus…

A producer on The Amazing Spider-Man suggests the new movie isn't quite "rebooting" the saga. New photos reveal sets being built for The Hobbit. We now know who a Little Britain star is playing on Doctor Who. Plus a poster for Battle: Los Angeles, cosmic ruminations on Tree of Life, True Grit's young star loses her… » 2/21/11 6:00am 2/21/11 6:00am

55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011

Could this be the biggest year ever for fantastical movies? It certainly looks like it. The calendar is bursting with films about aliens, weird creatures, superheroes and magical worlds. Here's our complete guide to 2011's science fiction and fantasy films. » 1/05/11 12:00pm 1/05/11 12:00pm

Brad Pitt's Tree of Life Sounds Worse Than The Fountain

Is The Tree of Life the new Fountain? The original, rambling synopsis for Terence Malick's next movie was bafflingly New Agey. But co-star Brad Pitt's explanation of the film just makes it sound like an incomprehensible mess. » 4/15/10 2:30pm 4/15/10 2:30pm

How To Make Hyper-Evolved Plants

Some kinds of plants evolve so quickly into new species that they surprised scientists compiling a genetic family tree showing how long each species on Earth has existed. Researchers at Yale working on the Tree of Life Project finally figured out why these plant species evolve so quickly, and their research has some… » 10/08/08 9:00am 10/08/08 9:00am