Scifi Movies Finally Catching Up to Novels and Going Steampunk

There's usually a 10-year lag between what's popular in science fiction writing and what's popular in films, and the steampunk craze is no exception. Authors and artists have been steaming things up for decades, creating breathtaking clockwork worlds, industrial-era alien planets, alternate nineteenth centuries, and… » 8/01/08 2:42pm 8/01/08 2:42pm

Seven Signs of the Rise of Fan Glam

We used to have geek chic, which made emo kids hip and Web 2.0 dweebs rich. But fashions have moved on and now fans are the newly-discovered authentic underdogs in pop culture. Their obscure desires are being converted into ironic commodities, their tastes transformed into sellable goo, and their dark, secret haunts… » 4/10/08 10:36am 4/10/08 10:36am