The Most Horrifying "Crawling Over a Pile of Your Dead Alternate Selves" Scene Ever Filmed

You know how sometimes a movie seems like just an ordinary slasher flick, and then it gets weirder and weirder, and finally you get to a scene where a mortally wounded woman is climbing over a pile of her dead duplicates from another timeline, which are being eaten by seagulls? Yeah. That. »10/17/11 8:30pm10/17/11 8:30pm


Workers Of The Future Will Ascend Into Shiny Sky-Fortress

A bizarre alien structure, 180 meters high, is soon to descend on Paris. The Triangle, a shimmering pyramid made out of glass and steel, will have a narrower base than you'd expect and a quirky, wavy elevation. Paris authorities allowed architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron to break height regulations with… »9/26/08 5:45pm9/26/08 5:45pm