The Stylish First Trailer For Syfy's "Mad Men In Space" Show Ascension

In the alternate reality of Syfy's upcoming TV miniseries Ascension, President Kennedy launched 600 Americans into space aboard a generation ship. In this trailer, we get a peek at the world where people—including Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer—have lived in space for decades but still dress like it's the 1960s. »10/01/14 1:37pm10/01/14 1:37pm

Insane Action Movie Spoof: Tricia Helfer is a "sexy assassin with a troubled past"

Tricia Helfer will bang you — and then she'll hang you, in this amazing action-movie send-up from the Black Keys. The video for their new song "Howling For You" is like the action-comedy we've been waiting for since Kick-Ass. Including a weird killer-cyborg lady, and Todd Bridges as a priest who once killed a… »2/11/11 12:47pm2/11/11 12:47pm

BSG's Tricia Helfer Answers Our Dorky Sex Robot Questions

We were lucky enough to talk with Tricia Helfer, who plays the gorgeous Cylon infiltrator Six on Battlestar Galactica. And we wanted to ask her a question inspired by Charles Stross' new novel Saturn's Children: if the Cylons succeeded in wiping out the human race, would Six feel sad that there was nobody left to… »7/28/08 3:40pm7/28/08 3:40pm