R.I.P. John Christopher, the Man Who Filled Our Young Minds With Awesome Dread

Samuel Youd, who died yesterday at age 89, was better known under the name John Christopher, one of several pseudonyms. And under that name, he was best known for creating the fearsome Tripods, alien invaders who enslave the human race with the mind-controlling "cap." Christopher's Tripod trilogy is a wonderful… »2/07/12 1:45pm2/07/12 1:45pm

Science Fiction TV Classics You're Not Allowed To Own On DVD

Click to view »9/23/08 2:53am9/23/08 2:53amSometimes it seems like every little dreg of geek culture from your youth is out on DVD - but it's not true! Weirdly, there are gaps in the archives of science fiction TV shows that Hollywood is willing to sell you. Think about this the next time you invite over that hottie from work and fail to get…

I Love It When A Plan Totally Doesn't Come Together

Click to viewIt happens to the best dashing science fiction hero: You come up with a preternaturally clever plan to stop the bad guys, involving a totally cunning bit of MacGyvering or hustle... and it totally fails. Your super-gadget blows up. Or your allies flake. The bad guys turn out not to be total idiots. Or all… »7/15/08 9:23pm7/15/08 9:23pm