10 stories about people being used as drugs

Science fiction and fantasy are full of nasties who get their kicks not from champagne, but from the sundry parts of you and me. Here are 10 stories about characters getting loopy on humans (and the occasional metahuman). » 6/08/11 10:15am 6/08/11 10:15am

How the star of Troll 2 stopped worrying and learned to love being in…

Michael Stephenson believed Troll 2 would be a great movie when he starred in it, and he was crushed when he saw the final product. Now, years later, he talks about making a documentary embracing his cult-status, Best Worst Movie. » 6/29/10 4:20pm 6/29/10 4:20pm

Eat Your Awesome: A New Film Celebrates The Cult Status Of Troll 2!

Troll 2 has a zero-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and its legendary awfulness has gained it cult status. An awesome documentary called Best Worst Movie explores the experience of this movie's star, a small-town dentist. Check out a new trailer. » 3/30/10 1:43pm 3/30/10 1:43pm