Why Agent Carter Is So Much Better Than Agents of SHIELD

Greeting or salutations! You can't have both. You can, however, learn the biggest potential shocker of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, why Tron is a miracle, and everything you could ever possibly need to know about dead blue Jedi. It's a bargain either way! » 3/11/15 10:06am 3/11/15 10:06am

Tron 3 Is Filming This Fall

What has director Joseph Kosinski been up to since wrapping up Oblivion? Well, it sounds like he's been getting Tron 3, the sequel to Tron: Legacy, ready to film. Yes, folks, it looks like we're getting another trip to the neon-lit Grid. » 3/10/15 3:06pm 3/10/15 3:06pm

Awesome animation is like a cross between Back to the Future and Tron

If this video doesn't get you going, you're dead inside and we can't be friends. Florian Renner made this short animation, Retrowave, as an ode to the style of the 1980's. It basically combines the worlds of Back to the Future and Tron by turning the DeLorean into a Light Cycle on The Grid. » 2/10/15 7:57pm 2/10/15 7:57pm

Flynn's Arcade, Transformed Into An Incredible Lego Creation

Okay, this is pretty damn amazing. Flickr User Joel Baker built the facade for Flynn's Arcade from Tron in 2012, but recently returned to his lego creation to fully flesh out the interior, turning it into a wonderfully detailed arcade for his Lego minifigures. Even the sign lights up! » 2/05/15 3:00pm 2/05/15 3:00pm

Trailer For The Original Alien Reimagined As A Steampunk CG Film

Second-year students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark were tasked with creating 30-second CG trailers inspired by classic movies. The group that was assigned Alien decided not to do a straight tribute, but instead mixed a bit of Jules Verne in with their scifi horror. » 1/23/15 11:30am 1/23/15 11:30am

​Can The Force Awakens Live Up To The Insane Hype It's Already Created?

So apparently some kind of Star Wars trailer dropped last week? I live in the future, so I'm not sure, but since I could do two whole PAs just on The Force Awakens questions, I feel pretty good about making the assumption. But don't worry, we still have time for Marvel movies, DC TV, Evangelion, and, of course,… » 12/03/14 10:00am 12/03/14 10:00am

Watch Live Data Streams On Tron: Legacy's Awesome Encom Display

Whether or not you liked Tron: Legacy, you can't deny that it served up some tasty eye candy. So, rejoice, my fellow programs and data junkies — this online version of the awesome Encom boardroom projection screen is configured to visualize live updates from Github and Wikipedia, with more streams to come. » 5/30/14 6:30am 5/30/14 6:30am

These Buildings Have Animated Screens Instead of Walls

Cities are getting more colorful all the time. Just check out these cutting-edge buildings, which use giant LEDs to display cool animations — and turn your cities into massive Lite Brites. Here are the most outstanding LED facades in the world. » 4/09/14 3:28pm 4/09/14 3:28pm

Hong Kong's PleXus Tower Looks Like Something Right Out Of Tron

Check out these conceptual designs for Hong Kong's proposed PleXus Tower — a segmented structure that will integrate directly with the city's transportation infrastructure. Given its undeniable Tron-like aesthetic, we'll be sure to bring our lightcycles. » 4/04/14 6:00pm 4/04/14 6:00pm

Which movie was just too ahead of its time to be appreciated?

Sometimes a movie comes along that is just so radical, and so fresh, that nobody knows what to make of it. And then ten years later, you look back at it and realize that it was just too ahead of the curve. What's your favorite movie that slipped through the cracks when it came out, but would have been huge if it was… » 2/28/14 2:14pm 2/28/14 2:14pm

Light Paintings That Make the Real World Look like Tron

You'll never ride a lightcycle, or compete on the Game Grid. But the most dazzling "light paintings" use slow shutter speeds and other tricks to create light trails, giving the illusion that the real world has become a luminous virtual space. Here are the greatest light paintings of the past and present. » 2/17/14 3:17pm 2/17/14 3:17pm

The time Walter Cronkite was zapped into the digital world of Tron

Back in 1982, famed broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite visited the set of Tron to learn about this crazy new world of "computer-generated effects" and managed to get himself zapped inside The Grid himself. Hey, did you know that computer graphics can be changed... with a mere phone call!?! » 9/18/13 3:00pm 9/18/13 3:00pm

How to completely traumatize your child after watching Tron

Calve12 showed the movie Tron to his young daughter, who promptly had a nightmare about her father getting sucked into a computer. Here is what the daughter encountered when waking up the next morning. Ha ha, it's funny because he'll be paying for years of therapy! » 8/20/13 7:00am 8/20/13 7:00am

Why do post-apocalyptic people dress like morons?

One note before I open up this week's mailbag: As last week's "PA" revealed, I am not infallible. I don't know why you would think so, given that I'm a fictional fake postman. I know a lot of junk, but I think I know more than I do, so I rely on you attractive readers to "augment" my answers in the comments. The fake… » 7/03/13 8:00am 7/03/13 8:00am

How Our Visions of Virtual Reality Have Changed in the Past 40 Years

The other day, Second Life celebrated its 10-year anniversary. But long before that venerable virtual world came into existence, we were dreaming up images of virtual reality and cyberspace. » 6/26/13 3:04pm 6/26/13 3:04pm

Quite Possibly the Most Indispensible Science Fiction Actor. Ever.

We love Patrick Stewart. We adore Mark Sheppard. But there's one actor who just owns science fiction. He made Patrick Stewart count the lights. He tormented Tron. He fled H.G. Wells into the 1970s. We're speaking, of course, of the one and only David Warner. Here's all the reasons we love him. » 4/24/13 3:47pm 4/24/13 3:47pm

10 Amazing Milestones of Early Computer Animation

This past weekend, you relived the wonder of Jurassic Park and remembered the first time you saw convincing CG effects on screen. But Jurassic Park built on a long legacy of computer innovation, more than a decade and a half of on-screen computer effects. Here are 10 landmarks of early CG, many of which still look… » 4/09/13 10:37am 4/09/13 10:37am

12 Computers Who Are Complete Bastards

There are so many artificial intelligences that are evil: they try to kill their creator, or kill all humans, or take over the world, or all three. But some AIs do this with charisma and style, while others are complete dicks about it. Here’s a look at a dozen computers who must have had “be an asshole” near the… » 4/04/13 10:00am 4/04/13 10:00am

We are entering a new era of original science fiction movies, says …

We sat down with Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy and the new movie Oblivion, along with a handful of other reporters. And he told us that it's getting easier to pitch an original film, in the wake of huge successes like Avatar and Inception. Minor spoilers ahead... » 4/01/13 1:51pm 4/01/13 1:51pm

Daft Punk hasn't had a good album in 12 years, but we still love them…

At least, that's the provocative argument over at Vice's Motherboard, where Brian Merchant argues that Daft Punk are better at creating a science-fictional mythos than they are at making great pop music. » 3/25/13 4:30pm 3/25/13 4:30pm