Talking Tron 2 With Tron Guy

Now that Tron 2 is filming in Vancouver, all sorts of fun pictures and rumors are leaking out. We went straight to the expert to analyze what we've seen and wax on about disc fighting. » 4/16/09 1:03pm 4/16/09 1:03pm

Are Tron Guy and Xkcd the Future of Celebrity?

If you ever watched the Star Wars Kid and Homestar Runner, or gawked at the Tron Guy and web comic Xkcd, you're changing the future of celebrity. You're building a world where Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise will be replaced by captioned pictures of cats and clever comics about algebra. At least, that was the premise of… » 4/29/08 8:20am 4/29/08 8:20am