10 Cinematographers Who Turned Science Fiction Movies into Great Art

We have tons of love for great directors — but often, when you're marveling at an especially lovely shot, you're partly admiring the work of the cinematographer who lit it and shot it. Often, the same cinematographer has worked on many of your favorite movies. Here are 10 great painters of science fiction films. » 7/02/13 10:20am 7/02/13 10:20am

The Experts Who Put Actual Science into Hollywood Science Fiction

Chances are, if you've seen a science fiction movie recently and been stunned to hear actual science mentioned, you have a scientific advisor to thank. A small cadre of science experts have started lending their expertise to movies like Thor, 2012, Tron Legacy and the upcoming Doctor Strange. Here's their story, via… » 1/25/12 7:00am 1/25/12 7:00am

Akira movie gets greenlit — and could star Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund

Looks like Akira has been ripped out of development purgatory and dropped into production hell. Warner Bros. has reportedly greenlit director Jaume Collet-Serra's remake of the anime classic. » 10/20/11 7:40am 10/20/11 7:40am

Why are Superman, Batman and the Avengers staying away from Comic-Con?

Now it's official: Marvel Studios won't be promoting The Avengers, or any other forthcoming movies, at Comic-Con. With this news, Marvel joins parent company Disney, plus Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Co., in sitting out SDCC 2011. » 6/23/11 6:30am 6/23/11 6:30am

The beautiful science behind the DNA discs, solar sailors and board…

Did you know German Biologist Ernst Haeckel influenced the cold world of Tron: Legacy, inspiring realistic life inside the code? A few artists from the film have shared the behind-the-scenes secrets from the Tron: Legacy set. Check out our gallery. » 5/24/11 10:05am 5/24/11 10:05am

Tron Legacy - Solar Sailor Tron Legacy - Solar Sailor …

Gorgeous visuals animate Tron: Legacy interactive iPad book app

If you're a Tron fan with an iPad, Disney Publishing has an app for you: Tron: Legacy The Complete Story is an interactive digital book app featuring not just one but two new illustrated art interpretations of the new film. Including numerous assets from the official movie, the app is both compelling material for fans … » 3/15/11 3:09pm 3/15/11 3:09pm