The best guzheng cover of Daft Punk's "Derezzed" you'll hear all day

I don't care how many Chinese zither-based covers of Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack you listen to today, I feel quite confident that Michelle Kwan's adaptation of "Derezzed" is going to top your list. I know, it's a bold statement, but I stand by it. » 1/01/14 1:30pm 1/01/14 1:30pm

10 Cinematographers Who Turned Science Fiction Movies into Great Art

We have tons of love for great directors — but often, when you're marveling at an especially lovely shot, you're partly admiring the work of the cinematographer who lit it and shot it. Often, the same cinematographer has worked on many of your favorite movies. Here are 10 great painters of science fiction films. » 7/02/13 10:20am 7/02/13 10:20am

How Our Visions of Virtual Reality Have Changed in the Past 40 Years

The other day, Second Life celebrated its 10-year anniversary. But long before that venerable virtual world came into existence, we were dreaming up images of virtual reality and cyberspace. » 6/26/13 3:04pm 6/26/13 3:04pm

New AMC Show: "Blade Runner Meets BSG." Yes Please!

Holy crap, this sounds promising. AMC wants a new genre show to serve as a companion piece to The Walking Dead, and according to Deadline, they're developing Ballistic City, described as "Blade Runner meets Battlestar Galactica." Crime on a generation ship! » 4/17/13 2:00pm 4/17/13 2:00pm

We are entering a new era of original science fiction movies, says …

We sat down with Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy and the new movie Oblivion, along with a handful of other reporters. And he told us that it's getting easier to pitch an original film, in the wake of huge successes like Avatar and Inception. Minor spoilers ahead... » 4/01/13 1:51pm 4/01/13 1:51pm

Daft Punk hasn't had a good album in 12 years, but we still love them…

At least, that's the provocative argument over at Vice's Motherboard, where Brian Merchant argues that Daft Punk are better at creating a science-fictional mythos than they are at making great pop music. » 3/25/13 4:30pm 3/25/13 4:30pm

Tron prom dress lights up any dance floor

Somehow, I don't think I'll ever get tired of Tron-inspired outfits that really light up. Cosplayer Victoria Schmidt, also known as Scruffy Rebel, teamed up with fellow cosplayer Jinyo (who helped with the wiring and programing) to create this glowing gown. The Quorra hairdo is perfect, but this dress would still look… » 2/10/13 9:30am 2/10/13 9:30am

What's the next technology that will change the way you watch movies?

Motion-capture has totally altered our movie-going experience in just a few years. From the Na'vi to Gollum to Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, our favorite movie characters are increasingly a blend of computer animation and an actor's real performance. » 9/04/12 1:22pm 9/04/12 1:22pm

Olivia Wilde guest stars on Tron: Uprising and Bender joins the…

Movies and cartoons collide this week, as Quorra (Olivia Wilde's character in Tron: Legacy) appears on Tron: Uprising. We also see the fruits of Skrull labor pay off this week on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and what happens when Bender joins the ranks of the paparazzi on Futurama. » 7/07/12 7:00am 7/07/12 7:00am

Could Jeff Bridges be in Tron 3 after all?

Even though Tron Legacy wasn't the massive blockbuster hit Disney expected, it did make enough money to warrant Tron 3. So what happens next? While at WonderCon promoting their television show Once Upon A Time, Tron Legacy scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz dropped a few hints for Tron 3. » 3/18/12 4:01pm 3/18/12 4:01pm

Listen to two full albums of Daft Punk songs, remixed as Nintendo…

We've heard the Tron Legacy soundtrack transmogrified into floppy disc farts. Now witness France and/or robotdom's premier deejaying duo turned into the digital drone of Commodore 64s and wheezing MS-DOS games. » 2/21/12 3:20pm 2/21/12 3:20pm

The Experts Who Put Actual Science into Hollywood Science Fiction

Chances are, if you've seen a science fiction movie recently and been stunned to hear actual science mentioned, you have a scientific advisor to thank. A small cadre of science experts have started lending their expertise to movies like Thor, 2012, Tron Legacy and the upcoming Doctor Strange. Here's their story, via… » 1/25/12 7:00am 1/25/12 7:00am

Daft Punk's Tron theme, à la five floppy disc drives

Even if Daft Punk's score to Tron Legacy didn't melt your butter, it's hard not to appreciate their track "Derezzed" being played by five groaning and wheezing floppy drives (mp3 here). This is incontrovertible evidence that in order for Tron 3 to succeed, the film must scale back its special effects such that it… » 1/05/12 7:10am 1/05/12 7:10am

Akira movie gets greenlit — and could star Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund

Looks like Akira has been ripped out of development purgatory and dropped into production hell. Warner Bros. has reportedly greenlit director Jaume Collet-Serra's remake of the anime classic. » 10/20/11 7:40am 10/20/11 7:40am

Movie trailers are becoming a crashing bore

Play this trailer for Shark Night 3-D on top volume. At about 0:57, put your ear next to your PC speaker for about a minute. Congratulations! You are now deaf in one ear! (Note: Don't really do that.) » 7/18/11 2:00pm 7/18/11 2:00pm

Why are Superman, Batman and the Avengers staying away from Comic-Con?

Now it's official: Marvel Studios won't be promoting The Avengers, or any other forthcoming movies, at Comic-Con. With this news, Marvel joins parent company Disney, plus Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Co., in sitting out SDCC 2011. » 6/23/11 6:30am 6/23/11 6:30am

The beautiful science behind the DNA discs, solar sailors and board…

Did you know German Biologist Ernst Haeckel influenced the cold world of Tron: Legacy, inspiring realistic life inside the code? A few artists from the film have shared the behind-the-scenes secrets from the Tron: Legacy set. Check out our gallery. » 5/24/11 10:05am 5/24/11 10:05am

Tron Legacy - Solar Sailor Tron Legacy - Solar Sailor

How physics simulations and GNU emacs found their way into Tron Legacy

Software developer JT Nimoy has an amazing collection of images from Tron Legacy on his site, where he explains all the math, physics, and old-school computer geekery that he put into making Flynn's digital world. » 4/08/11 8:00am 4/08/11 8:00am

Spoilery Tron Legacy DVD Easter egg sets up the villains for Tron 3

We previously saw the leaked featurette Tron: The Next Day, a short film that elaborated on the story between Tron and Tron Legacy. Now a new teaser has hit the web. What are Flynn's nemeses cooking up? » 3/28/11 5:35pm 3/28/11 5:35pm

Gorgeous visuals animate Tron: Legacy interactive iPad book app

If you're a Tron fan with an iPad, Disney Publishing has an app for you: Tron: Legacy The Complete Story is an interactive digital book app featuring not just one but two new illustrated art interpretations of the new film. Including numerous assets from the official movie, the app is both compelling material for… » 3/15/11 3:09pm 3/15/11 3:09pm