7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction and Fantasy needs to Stop using

Last week our own Charlie Jane Anders gave us some excellent advice on the difference between good Worldbuilding and great Worldbuilding - but sometimes creators of some of our favourite worlds run afoul of a few tiresome Worldbuilding tropes. Here's seven clichés that need to stop cropping up in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. »11/24/14 12:56am11/24/14 12:56am

The Lit-SF Debate Has Become A Trope In Its Own Right

Yet another literary boffin has said science fiction novels can't be literary, and it's (not surprisingly) sparked some controversy. Benjamin Kunkel in Dissent Magazine wrote a long exegesis on the difference between SF and literature — in a nutshell, literature has more complex characters and trickier dilemmas about… »12/18/08 4:00pm12/18/08 4:00pm