You won't have to complain about Fox cancelling your favorite science fiction shows any more

People always complain about Fox pulling the plug on their most beloved science fiction TV shows, from Firefly to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The thing they always forget is that Fox also took a chance on some risky genre projects, which is why it had those favorite shows to cancel in the first place. »5/14/12 5:24pm5/14/12 5:24pm


The All-Time Craziest "Thing of the Week" Formulas from Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

The freak of the week. The monster of the week. The planet of the week. Many of science fiction's most memorable TV shows have relied on this time-tested formula that allows them to be episodic, yet thematic. Right now, Alcatraz is giving us the convict of the week, while Grimm is giving us the fairy-tale monster of… »3/09/12 6:00pm3/09/12 6:00pm

Smallville's Big Wedding Day, Plus A Must-See Stargate Atlantis

It's the most nerdtastic week ever, as Pushing Daisies »11/17/08 12:00pm11/17/08 12:00pm finally returns, we get a Walter-filled , Chloe marries her little Jimmy, and scientists fill the sets of , including Dave Foley who plays McKays arch nemesis. Seriously if there was a better yin to McKay's yang, I can't think of one. Also Jar Jar Binks is…