Just how ridiculously cosmic will Thor: The Dark World get?

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel is close to finding a director to replace Rupert Wyatt, and there are some seriously intriguing candidates. Another great director says he wants to work on Doctor Who. Plus tons of videos for Doctor Who, Fringe, Frankenweeie, and much more! » 9/27/12 6:00am 9/27/12 6:00am

Painter adds giant monsters to drab yard sale landscape paintings

You know those dreary landscape paintings that haunt every yard sale and adorn too many a gallery wall? Artist Chris McMahon adds his own touches to such paintings — and proves that giant monsters can improve just about anything. » 3/12/11 12:00pm 3/12/11 12:00pm

Medical illustrations reveal the anatomy of mythical beings

Roberto Osti creates medical illustrations from a fantastical other world, pulling apart fauns and werewolves and searching for biological seat of the soul. » 2/19/11 8:30am 2/19/11 8:30am

Porcelain figurines for your zombie grandma's mantel

If brain-eating zombies ever regain their sentience and take to crafting porcelain knick knacks, they'd probably look a whole lot like Jessica Harrison's gruesome reimaginings of classic English figurines. [Jessica Harrison — Thanks, GildaLily!] » 11/13/10 7:00am 11/13/10 7:00am

A manatee munitions factory takes flight

In Roland Tamayo's paintings, sea creatures find themselves punked out with modern-day technologies, transforming them into the vehicles and weapons of the future. Take a leisurely cruise aboard a humpback sailboat, or face nature's deadliest weapon: the shark jet. » 10/02/10 9:00am 10/02/10 9:00am

Find Out Why You Shouldn't Call True Blood's Jessica A Whore

The latest profanity-laced, sexually charged True Blood minisode is all about our favorite newby vampire Jessica. Plus take a look at the new True Blood comic book cover, it's pretty spot on. » 5/05/10 7:00am 5/05/10 7:00am

Support the Forces of Cobra with Your Footwear

Battling the G.I. Joes requires cunning, tenacity, and the proper footwear. Fortunately, Nike is offering a trio of sneakers that let you declare your allegiance to Cobra while providing excellent traction and arch support. » 8/10/09 1:00pm 8/10/09 1:00pm

Mega-City One Comes Alive

2000AD, Dan Dare and Star Wars artist Gary Erskine provides an impressive new take on Judge Dredd's futuristic American dystopia Mega-City One with this new "digital sketch" of the lawman's lawless city. » 7/14/09 8:30am 7/14/09 8:30am

Prepare Your Tuxes And Cynicism For Oscars 2009

It's time to get over your Dark Knight snub-inspired bitterness and embrace the Oscars for all their shallow showbiz glitz. Here's our rundown of who and what to watch for tonight. » 2/22/09 12:00pm 2/22/09 12:00pm