Toxic Explosive Waste Threatens Town Where True Blood Was Filmed

The town of Doyline, in northwestern Louisiana, stood in for fictional Bon Temps during True Blood's HBO run. Vampires and other supernatural beasties menaced onscreen, but the real-life town is facing a far greater concern: the to-be-decided fate of 15 million pounds of toxic explosives. » 3/05/15 7:00pm 3/05/15 7:00pm

The Best And Worst Television Moments of 2014

This year's science fiction and fantasy television delivered amazing highs and some cringe-worthy lows. We've rounded up the year's best moments, along with some of the absolute worst (in no particular order) for your viewing pleasure. SPOILERS AHEAD. » 12/18/14 2:39pm 12/18/14 2:39pm

True Blood Dies As It Lived—With A Lot Of What The Fuck

Last night we all said goodbye to True Blood forever, and shit got weird. Really weird and morbid and silly and—well, it was all just so very True Blood. » 8/25/14 6:50pm 8/25/14 6:50pm

True Blood's Second To Last Episode Remembers Great Love And Weird Sex

What a weird, weird, weird episode of True Blood. This is the second to last episode of True Blood ever and there was so much good, and so much wah-wah Vampire Bill. But that's OK, because love returned and now we are all alive again. » 8/18/14 7:17pm 8/18/14 7:17pm

This Week's TV: A Doctor Who Alum Stars In The Year's Weirdest New Show

This week is all about endings and beginnings. Peter Capaldi begins his tenure as the curmudgeonly new Doctor on Doctor Who while True Blood meets its true death. And amidst the season finales of Korra and The Last Ship, we get two oddball premieres: Bojack Horseman and the profoundly strange Intruders. » 8/18/14 9:00am 8/18/14 9:00am

What Is Lex Luthor's Evil Scheme in Batman v. Superman?

Does a deleted scene from Captain America 2 reveal plans for a Black Widow prequel film? A long-awaited love scene is coming to True Blood. Sleepy Hollow casts its succubus and Abbie's mother. Arrow reveals details of its 50th episode. Plus, new footage from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and The Maze Runner. Spoilers… » 8/14/14 6:00am 8/14/14 6:00am

Which Marvel Project Is Vin Diesel Teasing Now?

Dave Filoni explains away any contradictions created by Star Wars Rebels. A new Batman v. Superman actor says that some of the rumors are actually true. A Game of Thrones actor confirms his return for season five. And early reviews of the Doctor Who premiere and Outlander episode 2. Spoilers now! » 8/12/14 6:00am 8/12/14 6:00am

True Blood: "Here Is A Hot Dildo On A Stick, Are You Not Entertained?"

True Blood is hell bent on getting shit done this week. So hang on tight, because True Blood is about to wrap things up, and fast. Oh, also there were some ridiculous/horrifying medieval torture sex toys, because True Blood! » 8/11/14 8:01pm 8/11/14 8:01pm

This Week's TV: Adventure Time Reveals Finn And Jake's Parents' Past

This week, Discovery hosts its celebration of all things shark, but which specials are worth watching? We've got you covered. Plus, we're nearing the end of True Blood; mini golf gets serious on Gravity Falls, and we get to see the mystery-solving past of Finn and Jake's parents on Adventure Time. » 8/11/14 9:00am 8/11/14 9:00am

Who's Flying The Millennium Falcon In Star Wars Episode VII?

Plus important beard speculation for Luke Skywalker! The Hunger Games continues its viral world building through a website for the rebels. The barest of details for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. Plus, Kyle MacLachlan's Agent of SHIELD character revealed! Spoilers now! » 8/08/14 6:00am 8/08/14 6:00am

The New Season Of Doctor Who Will Have Way Less Serialized Storytelling

Steven Moffat goes into more detail about how Doctor Who will address Peter Capaldi's previous appearances. The Under the Dome cast talks about the "penetrable" Dome. And previews of True Bloodand this Fall's CW shows. Plus, which actor is all set to return for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Spoilers now! » 8/05/14 6:00am 8/05/14 6:00am

True Blood Brings Back America's Boyfriend

Last night's episode may have been filled with people just setting things up for the next week (and yeah, that's lame), but it did herald the return of America's Boyfriend. Plus we got to see what Vampire Pity Sex looks like. » 8/04/14 6:24pm 8/04/14 6:24pm

This Week's TV: A Time-Travel Romance Is This Summer's Must-Watch Show

Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald D. Moore returns to television this week with his adaptation of the hit Outlander novels—and you won't want to miss it. Plus, True Blood goes on a drug-fueled search for a dead character, Teen Wolf deals with a mysterious outbreak, and someone is targeting the Candy Kingdom elite… » 8/04/14 9:00am 8/04/14 9:00am

True Blood Sent Me A Box Of REAL LIFE Vampire Props And Now I'm Dead

Earlier today, I received a box marked "TRUE BLOOD" that caused me to weep uncontrollably and I just had to share it with everyone who has been pro and conning True Blood with me for the last 87 years. » 8/01/14 4:09pm 8/01/14 4:09pm

Just How Badly Is Janet Van Dyne Treated In Marvel's Ant-Man Movie?

Michael Douglas explains Hank Pym's movieverse background. James Gunn's already hard at work on The Guardians of the Galaxy 2. What's does April O'Neil have to do with origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? And, The Flash casts Plastique! Spoilers now! » 7/31/14 6:00am 7/31/14 6:00am

12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow Cast Some Familiar Names!

Zachary Quinto talks the state of Star Trek, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman preview Doctor Who, and Chris Pratt describes the new park that's up and running in Jurassic World. Ted 2 starts filming! Plus, what Easter eggs are hiding in Guardians of the Galaxy? Spoilers now! » 7/30/14 6:00am 7/30/14 6:00am

True Blood Finally Resurrects The Monster Inside Vampire Bill

Cue up the Elton John, because The Bitch is Back. This week, True Blood brought back old bitchy Bill. And it was great, until Sookie made it all about her. You're the worst, Sookie! Spoilers ahead. » 7/28/14 6:17pm 7/28/14 6:17pm

This Week's TV: It's Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda Vs. A Second Sharknado!

While the world prepares for the onslaught of a second Sharknado movie, Conan O'Brien is about to die at the tentacles of a new Sharktopus. Plus, Gravity Falls is back for more paranormal hijinks and The Strain gets its hands bloody with a vampire autopsy. See all the details below! » 7/28/14 9:00am 7/28/14 9:00am

Could Benedict Cumberbatch Really Return as Khan in Star Trek 3?

Doctor Strange may finally be casting its lead, and it's not who we thought. How will Jaime feel about Tyrion's actions at the end of Game of Thrones season five? Joe Hill talks Horns and Darkside. And Peter Capaldi explains why there's "no flirting" with the Twelfth Doctor. Spoilers now! » 7/28/14 6:00am 7/28/14 6:00am

Doctor Who's Dark New Direction. Plus Another Hulk Rumor Debunked!

What is Marvel's plan for its ambitious movie schedule through 2019? How will the new Power Rangers movie connect to the TV show? Robin Lord Taylor says Gotham has a story for how the Penguin gets his distinctive walk. Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD. Plus, fresh looks at The Walking Dead season five.… » 7/23/14 6:00am 7/23/14 6:00am