What the hell is going on with True Blood?

Sometimes, when a series is comfortable with its fans, it will take giant leaps of faith that are no longer aimed at the casual viewers, but just for the die-hards. Like the end of Battlestar Galactica. Or this latest episode of True Blood, where a human person bites into their own arm and doesn't scream bloody murder. … » 8/12/13 11:39pm 8/12/13 11:39pm

Last night's True Blood was a return to classic vampire humping

Holy Hog Tits — last night's True Blood felt like a some crazy first season shit. There was V-Juice tripping, vampire fantasies, new sex games and big fat vampire mistakes. It was really, truly awesome. If this is the new direction for True Blood, I am on board. Now let's dissect the awesomeness, Pro/Con style. » 7/08/13 10:56pm 7/08/13 10:56pm

True Blood starts a Fairy War... in Eric's pants

Finally, a character on True Blood with the chutzpah to come in and explain to all the vampires that they are acting like a pack of assholes. Of course, this character is promptly killed — but for five beautiful minutes, there was logic on the Vampire (Religion Is Bad) Show. But that's not all that happened: We got to … » 8/20/12 6:10pm 8/20/12 6:10pm

True Blood breaks our heart into a pile of gooey vampire pudding

Last night True Blood pried open it's clenched fists and let the love of our lives fly away and move on to better things. It was hard, but it needed to happen. Because now there is more room in our hearts for Pam and Tara's infinite collection of matching outfits. Sigh. But let me tell it to you Pro/Con style. » 8/13/12 6:27pm 8/13/12 6:27pm

True Blood's blood orgy has given us a vampire hangover

What is the vampire version of the hangover cure-all, Pedialyte? Because I will have five rounds and an enema of it. That is how ridiculously bloated and weak I feel after watching the plot binge that was last night's True Blood. Sure, it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it. But today I'm dealing with a bucket of… » 7/30/12 6:23pm 7/30/12 6:23pm

True Blood gets high and does Vampire Karaoke, but with naked ladies…

What the hell was that? No, really — what the heck is going on with True Blood? After half the cast got high and started giving each other piggyback rides, I had to just throw my hands in the air and say "Fuck it!" Put the werewolf in board shorts for some barnyard calisthenics — because this is True Blood town, where… » 7/23/12 6:48pm 7/23/12 6:48pm

True Blood serves up crazy in a pair of He-Man Footie Pajamas

Last night's episode of True Blood felt like a classic. They put Jason in a pair of He-Man jammies and then had his mom ask him if he wanted a blow job. Take that, White Walkers! In other True Blood news, Sookie is infinitely more fun when she's drunk. But let me break it down for you pro/con style. » 7/09/12 7:12pm 7/09/12 7:12pm

True Blood finally takes off Meloni's shirt

Last night, True Blood used Vampire Lady Business to get to the bottom of — erm well, Vampire Business. Plus we got a new Nan Flanigan, and apparently the Fairies are back. Sorry, everyone! But please, let me break it down to you Pro/Con style. Spoilers ahead... » 6/25/12 6:42pm 6/25/12 6:42pm