True Blood: This Is The End, Let's Kill All Our Friends, The End

Welp, this is it: the very first episode of the very last season of True Blood. And for the beginning of the end of the vampire hump-hump show, I was a little nonplussed. I mean, there was still excellent vampire sex and death, but I gotta say, I expected a wee bit more in the What-the-Fuckery department. But let me… »6/23/14 5:04pm6/23/14 5:04pm

Last night's True Blood was a return to classic vampire humping

Holy Hog Tits — last night's True Blood felt like a some crazy first season shit. There was V-Juice tripping, vampire fantasies, new sex games and big fat vampire mistakes. It was really, truly awesome. If this is the new direction for True Blood, I am on board. Now let's dissect the awesomeness, Pro/Con style. »7/09/13 1:56am7/09/13 1:56am