Watchmen Director Zack Snyder Reveals His Secret Past

io9's Nisha Gopalan has a great interview with Watchmen director Zack Snyder up at Nylon Guys. Snyder spills his guts about his secret past - as a jock! How does he reconcile his jock side with a mega-geek movie like Watchmen? Here's a funny bit from the interview where Nisha says, "You’re both jock and geek. Aren’t… »1/28/09 7:02pm1/28/09 7:02pm

Deep Inside NORAD, with Only a Felt-Tip Pen and Twenty Science Fiction Writers

Yesterday, I traveled back in time to the Cold War: Along with 20 science fiction writers here in Denver for WorldCon, I got a special tour of NORAD, the fabled military command center located in a vast cavern dynamited into the base of Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain. The top-secret base, protected under 2000 feet of… »8/08/08 1:20pm8/08/08 1:20pm