TV's Most Popular Detectives All Investigate The Mystery Of Twin Peaks

It's been 25 years since Twin Peaks was last on the air, and now that it's coming back to TV, Agent Dale Cooper is looking for a new partner. But when he interviews the detectives of Sleepy Hollow, Fargo, Hannibal, Sherlock, and True Detective, he finds they may actually be too weird for the freaky town. » 11/04/14 7:00pm 11/04/14 7:00pm

This Week's TV: Clone Wars' final season! Plus, who is the Yellow King?

This is a week of hellos and farewells, with the premiere of the non-zombie back-to-life series Resurrection, the return of both Once Upon a Time shows, and the season finales of Almost Human and True Detective. Plus, the final 13 episodes of Clone Wars hit Netflix, revealing the secrets of Order 66. Catch the latest… » 3/03/14 9:00am 3/03/14 9:00am

True Detective won't have a huge Shyamalan twist and here is why

Shyamalan twists, unless you can really pull them off artfully, are a cheap gimmick. They are a bullshit magic trick that gets in the way of real storytelling. Certainly, being surprised by plot elements is great — it is preferable that the audience cannot see what is coming. But more important than clever plot… » 3/03/14 10:33am 3/03/14 10:33am

Police Jargon and Metaphysical Malarkey in True Detective

The good folks over at Slate put together a nice little glossary of terms from the show which may leave some folks scratching their heads. You may be a whiz at navigating your way around M-brane theory but do you know what a 419 is? What about the "psychosphere"? That sexy someone at the party might be impressed by… » 3/02/14 12:30pm 3/02/14 12:30pm