The Long Life and Quiet Death of True Detective Magazine


As recently as the 1970s, fact crime magazines were a significant, if not reputable, segment of the publishing industry. No liquor store magazine rack was complete without the lurid covers of True Detective warning of a “Sex Freak on the Prowl” or promising to reveal the scoop “Behind California’s Latest Mass Murder… »8/19/15 1:20pm8/19/15 1:20pm

The One Change That Could Get True Detective Back On Track For Season 3

Season 2 of True Detective wrapped up last Sunday with a less-than-stellar finale: the various story lines mostly came together, but this season lacked much of the impact and focus of the HBO show’s first season. Allow me to suggest one change that should help the show get back on track: Take the story out of the… »8/15/15 8:00pm8/15/15 8:00pm

True Detective Season Two Is Over ... And Frankly, We Won't Miss It Much

True Detective’s uneven second season wound down with “Omega Station,” a moody finale that spelled doom for many of its main characters. We finally learn who killed Caspere ... but the reveal is so anticlimactic amid the limp to the end, it only emphasizes how insanely overlong 90 minutes can feel. »8/10/15 11:09am8/10/15 11:09am

True Detective's Second-to-Last Episode Gets Lost in the Dark

It’s nearly the end of the line for True Detective’s second season, and if “Black Maps and Motel Rooms” is any indication, none of our troubled leads are heading toward anything resembling closure or a happy ending. (Remember how season one finished?) And everyone is in the same state of mind: desperation. »8/03/15 11:36am8/03/15 11:36am

All the Ways True Detective Season 2 Should Have Worked, But Didn't

We all knew that True Detective season two was going to be totally different than season one: new cast, new case, new setting. But it seemed hopeful that the new episodes would keep the weird magic—that thing distinguishing True Detective from a zillion other cop shows—alive. So far, not so much. »7/28/15 1:12pm7/28/15 1:12pm

Knives, Ruined Lives, and Another Frustrating Week on True Detective 

“Church in Ruins” is episode six of True Detective’s eight-ep second season, which has yet to trigger the buzz of season one. (Without a magnetic lead character like Rust Cohle, and the lack of much spooky intrigue, it’s not surprising). But as the closed-loop approaches completion, a few surprises still await. »7/27/15 12:00pm7/27/15 12:00pm

The Investigation Gets New Life on an Introspective True Detective

“Other Lives” begins 66 days after last week’s explosive episode. Nobody was happy before, and now they’re all worse off than ever. But a surprise move from a politically-motivated higher-up brings the team back together, as the sinister swirl around Caspere’s murder yields ever-more layers of questions. »7/20/15 11:28am7/20/15 11:28am

True Detective Goes Into Full Action Movie Mode ... And Totally Nails It

In “Down Will Come,” each member of the detail battles his or her own personal demons as Frank continues his ungraceful lurch back into criminal life. Everyone is angry and frustrated, and the screws are further tightened by the episode’s devastating last act—which brings zero catharsis. »7/13/15 5:30pm7/13/15 5:30pm

The Past Haunts the Present for Just About Everyone on True Detective

In “Maybe Tomorrow,” yesterday is actually the keyword. The criminal ties that Frank’s tried so desperately to shed are now the one thing he needs the most; Ray’s near-death experience makes him question nearly every decision he’s made; and Paul’s deeply in denial about his own past actions. »7/06/15 11:00am7/06/15 11:00am

This Week's TV: When Every Home Has An Android Servant, Things Get Weird

Summer TV is in full swing, and we’ve got a couple of new shows premiering this week. There’s the vigilante hacker thriller Mr. Robot and Humans, a series that explores the line between humans and their synthetic servants. Plus, Under the Dome and Falling Skies are both back for new seasons. Details ahead. »6/22/15 3:00pm6/22/15 3:00pm

True Detective Returns With A Pitch-Black Shot Of California Noir

True Detective returns with a completely new setting, cast, and case, as well as a grittier, bleaker tone. In episode one, “The Western Book of the Dead,” we miss the loopy Rust Cohle, as well as the first season’s instantly compelling murder mystery. But we’re intrigued by its neo-noir sprawl so far. »6/22/15 11:00am6/22/15 11:00am